Figure F18. The cleaned natural remanent magnetization (NRM) inclination (top), declination rotated to a core mean of zero (middle) presented before and after smoothing with a seven-point running mean, and intensity (bottom) after demagnetization at 20 or 25 mT for Holes 1233B-1233E. A. Inclination for Hole 1233B. B. Inclination for Hole 1233C. C. Inclination for Hole 1233D. D. Inclination for Hole 1233E. E. Declination for Hole 1233B. F. Declination for Hole 1233C. G. Declination for Hole 1233D. H. Declination for Hole 1233E. I. Declination for Hole 1233B. J. NRM intensity for Hole 1233C. K. NRM intensity for Hole 1233D. L. NRM intensity for Hole 1233E.