Figure F10. A. Modern annual-average SST at paleolocations of Site 1237, based on plate tectonic backtracking and the assumption of no temporal changes in regional oceanic properties (Mix, Tiedemann, Blum, et al., 2003). B. Planktonic Mg/Ca temperature reconstructions from the mixed-layer-dweller G. sacculifer (Wara and Ravelo, this volume) and alkenone-derived Uk´37 SSTs (Abe et al., this volume; Prahl et al., 2006) for the last 6 m.y. at the position of Site 1237. Uk´37 SSTs from Sites 958 (off the coast of northwest Africa) and 1084 (Benguela upwelling system) are shown for comparison (Marlow et al., 2000).