Figure F12. Comparison of different proxy records from Site 1233 to the Antarctic climate record from the Byrd ice core: nitrogen isotope record (Martinez et al., 2006), iron content record as a proxy for the extent of the Patagonian ice sheet (Lamy et al., 2004; Kaiser et al., in press), exemplary pollen record (ferns) recording terrestrial climate change (Heusser et al., 2006b), first canonical variates from radiolarian multivariate data sets used as a proxy for sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) (Pisias et al., 2006), alkenone SSTs (Lamy et al., 2004; Kaiser et al., 2005), and oxygen isotope record from the Byrd ice core (Blunier and Brook, 2001) as a proxy for temperature changes over Antarctica. SMOW = Standard Mean Ocean Water. ACR = Antarctic Cold Reversal.