Figure F5. Age model of the 135.7-mcd-long composite sequence at Site 1233 covering the last ~70 k.y. as published in Lamy et al. (2004) and Kaiser et al. (2005). The uppermost ~9 mcd has been correlated to the AMS 14C dated gravity Core GeoB 3313-1 from the same location (Lamy et al., 2001). Age control for the ~10- to ~70-mcd interval is provided by 17 AMS 14C dates on mixed planktonic foraminifer samples and the record of the Laschamp magnetic field excursion (Lund et al., this volume b). All AMS 14C dates were calibrated with CALPAL software using the CALPAL 2004 January calibration curve ( Downcore, the initial stratigraphy ("old" stratigraphy as in Lamy et al., 2004) was based on a preliminary definition of MIS 4.2. The age model of this interval was refined by tuning to the Byrd ice-core oxygen isotope record (Blunier and Brook, 2001), as published in Kaiser et al., 2005.