Figure F8. A. Modern annual-average temperatures at 0 and 100 m water depth at paleolocations of Site 1241, based on plate tectonic backtracking and the assumption of no temporal changes in regional oceanic properties since today (Mix, Tiedemann, Blum, et al., 2003). B. Planktonic Mg/Ca temperature reconstructions from the mixed-layer-dweller G. sacculifer and the deep-dweller G. tumida at Site 1241 (Groeneveld et al., this volume; Steph et al., this volume). Reconstructed alkenone-based SSTs from Site 846 (Lawrence et al., 2006) and planktonic Mg/Ca-derived temperatures (G. sacculifer) from Site 847 (Wara et al., 2005) are shown for comparison.