Figures F1-F15
Table T1

F1. Artist's renderings of deepwater DEOS observatory.

F2. Location of Site 1243.

F3. The proposed drilling site for Leg 203.

F4. Deployment of a borehole seismometer within a cased ODP hole.

F5. Generalized circulation of the eastern equatorial Pacific.

F6. Dynamic sea height from satellite altimetry.

F7. Ekman velocity, geostrophic currents, and the sum of the currents box.

F8. Sediment thickness along the 110W transect.

F9. Vertical component spectra, OSN-1.

F10. Horizontal component spectra OSN-1.

F11. Basement lithology, Hole 1243B.

F12. Physical properties of basalt samples recovered, Hole 1243B.

F13. Plot of downhole measurements in sediment and basement sections, Hole 1243B.

F14. Porosities and measured sonic velocities in basalt samples, Hole 1243B.

F15. Downhole caliper log, Hole 1243B.

Table T1

T1. Holes with >10 m.

Figures F1-F15
Table T1