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1. Leg 205 Synthesis: Subduction Fluxes and Fluid Flow across the Costa Rica Convergent Margin (PDFCited by)
Julie D. Morris and Heinrich W. Villinger
Publication date: 13 October 2006
2. Data Report: Barium Cycling at the Costa Rica Convergent Margin (PDFCited by)
Evan A. Solomon, Miriam Kastner, and Gretchen Robertson
Publication date: 4 April 2006

3. Data Report: Geochemical Analyses of Hydrothermally Altered Sediments from the Convergent Costa Rican Margin (PDFCited by)
Valerie Chavagnac, Laura Font, J. Andy Milton, and Ian W. Croudace
Publication date: 17 April 2006

4. Data Report: Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry along a Subducting Pelagic Section offshore Costa Rica (ODP Legs 170 and 205) (PDFCited by)
Michael Strasser, Helmut Weissert, and Stefano M. Bernasconi
Publication date: 3 April 2006

5. Data Report: Chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Pore Fluids and Sediments from across the Middle America Trench, offshore Costa Rica (PDFCited by)
Miriam Kastner, Evan Solomon, Wei Wei, Lui-H. Chan, and Ola M. Saether
Publication date: 28 September 2006

6. A Transport-Reaction Model of the Hydrological Systems of the Costa Rica Subduction Zone (PDFCited by)
Matthias Haeckel

Publication date: 15 September 2006

7. Carbon and Nitrogen Geochemistry of Wedge Sediments at ODP Site 1040: Evidence for Sediment Sources, Diagenetic History, and Fluid Mobility (PDFCited by)
Long Li and Gray E. Bebout

Publication date: 25 September 2006

8. Habitability of Subseafloor Sediments at the Costa Rica Convergent Margin (PDFCited by)
D. Cardace, J.D. Morris, A.D. Peacock, and D.C. White

Publication date: 13 September 2006


9. Source and Petrogenesis of the Igneous Complex Cored during ODP Leg 205: Implications for Off-Axis Plume-Ridge Interaction on the Cocos Plate (PDFCited by)
Brian Dreyer, Valerie Chavagnac, Julie Morris, and Laura Font
Publication date: 5 September 2006

  10. Data Report: Permeability and Consolidation Properties of Subducting Sediments off Costa Rica, ODP Leg 205 (PDFCited by)
Alexander W. McKiernan and Demian M. Saffer
Publication date: 20 January 2006

11. Data Report: Permeabilities of Costa Rica Subduction Zone Sediments (PDFCited by)
Elizabeth Screaton, Troy Hays, Kusali Gamage, and Jennifer Martin
Publication date: 19 April 2006

  12. Data Report: Long-Term Temperature Measurements in Holes 1253A and 1255A off Costa Rica, ODP Leg 205 (PDFCited by)
Martin Heesemann, Heinrich Villinger, Hans W. Jannasch, Miriam Kastner, and the Expedition 301T Scientists
Publication date: 31 March 2006

13. Estimating Fracture Density in Oceanic Basement: An Approach Using Stoneley Wave Analysis (PDFCited by)
Marion Pfender and Heinrich W. Villinger

Publication date: 20 September 2006

  14. Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy: Ocean Drilling Program Leg 205, Costa Rica Subduction Zone (PDFCited by)
Jay P. Muza
Publication date: 3 May 2006
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