Table T14. Measurements made by the wireline tool strings.
Tool string
vertical resolution
Triple combination HNGS Spectral gamma ray 15 51

APS Porosity 5 and 15 43

HLDT Bulk density 2.5 and 15 38

DIT Resistivity 15 76, 150, 200

TAP Temperature 1 per s NA

Tool acceleration 4 per s NA

Pressure 1 per s NA

MGT Gamma ray 15 15
Formation MicroScanner (FMS)-sonic combination FMS Microresistivity 0.25 0.5

GPIT Tool orientation 0.25 and 15 NA

SGT Total gamma ray 15 NA

LSS Acoustic velocity 15 61
WST (stationary measurement) WST* Sonic traveltime Variable NA

Notes: All tool and tool string names (except the TAP and MGT) are trademarks of Schlumberger. For the complete list of acronyms used in the ODP and for additional information about tool physics and use consult ODP Logging Services at See Table T15 for explanation of acronyms used to describe tool strings and tools. NA = not applicable. * = not included on every run.