Figure F5. Close-up photographs of representative lithologies from lithostratigraphic Unit II at Site 1258. A. Foraminifer nannofossil chalk from Subunit IIA, with the Paleocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum interval and Paleocene/Eocene (P/E) boundary (interval 207-1258A-19R-5, 105–125 cm). B. Bioturbated calcareous chalk followed by clay, the ejecta layer, and the topmost Maastrichtian nannofossil-rich chalk of Subunit IIB (Cretaceous/Tertiary [K/T] boundary interval [48.5–50 cm]) (interval 207-1258B-27R-1, 40–60 cm). C. Cyclic dark–light alternations characteristic of the chalk of Subunit IIC (interval 207-1258A-32R-5, 20–45 cm).