Figure F7. A. Photomicrograph of glauconite and quartz-rich sediments at the base of Unit III (Sample 207-1258C-15R-3, 93–97 cm; TS 72; polarized light). B. Photomicrograph of thinly laminated black shale of Unit IV with abundant organic matter (TOC = 28 wt%), rare nannofossil-rich fecal pellets (bright streaks), and abundant clay (Sample 207-1258B-45R-4, 114–117 cm; TS 59; parallel light). Note the absence of foraminifers. C. Photomicrograph of sediments enriched in fish fragments (vertebra), pelecypod fragments, and planktonic foraminifers (Sample 207-1258A-49R-3, 97–100 cm; TS 45; parallel light). D. Photograph of bedding plane surface of black shales of Unit V showing abundant ammonites, bivalves, and fish fragments (Section 207-1258C-31R-CC).