Figure F8. Close-up photographs of representative lithologies from the black shale of Unit IV. A. Typical cyclicity developed in the upper part of the unit (interval 207-1258A-43R-3, 10–60 cm). Clay/organic matter–rich intervals (dark) alternate with foraminifer-rich intervals (light). Note phosphoritic stringers and phosphatic nodules in the dark parts of a cycle (top and bottom of photograph). B. Concentrations of fish debris and phosphatic nodules (coproliths) in distinct intervals, which are interpreted as tempestites (interval 207-1258B-53R-1, 8–28 cm). C. Graded interval typical for the basal part of Unit IV (interval 207-1258A-50R-2, 035 cm). Note the large shell fragments 3 cm above the base of the graded interval.