Figure F9. Close-up photographs of minor lithologies in the black shale of Unit IV. A. Correlative bluish layer (present in all three holes at this site) of coarse-grained diagenetic calcite (interval 207-1258B-54R-1, 5–15 cm). Calcite growing from top and bottom shows pinnacle-like crystal structure. B. Concentration of fish debris with the coarser but less dense skeletal elements concentrated in the upper part of the interval (interval 207-1258B-56R-2, 29–39 cm). This structure is frequently observed in tempestites. C. Sequence of shell lags in graded limestone intervals (interval 207-1258A-49R-3, 90–115 cm). D. Parts of a fish skeleton, with the backbone displaying four vertebrae oriented from upper middle–left middle of the image (Section 207-1258B-45R-4, 75 cm).