Figure F17. Magnetic susceptibility data plotted along with a qualitative estimate of the confidence of the core-to-core correlations among holes at Site 1259. A. Magnetic susceptibility data for Holes 1259A (black), 1259B (blue), and 1259C (green). The composite data from Holes 1259A and 1259B are offset by a constant (5 and 10 units, respectively) for illustration purposes. All data sets are smoothed with a 9-point Gaussian filter. B. Green indicates intervals with definitive hole-to-hole correlations and a high-quality splice (i.e., core gaps spanned). Yellow indicates intervals where good core-to-core correlations could be made (i.e., a one-to-one match of signals between holes) but definitive depth positions could not be established because core gaps could not be spanned. The diagonal line pattern indicates intervals where hole-to-hole correlations could not be made (primarily a result of only one hole in that interval). P/E = Paleocene/Eocene boundary, K/T = Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary.