Figure F5. Close-up photographs of representative lithologies from the lithostratigraphic unit boundary between Units II and III which corresponds to the P/E boundary at Site 1259. A. Sharp contact with a distinct lithologic change from the finely mottled nannofossil chalk of Subunit IIC to the more clayey nannofossil chalk of Subunit IIIA (interval 207-1259A-39R-5, 130–145 cm). Note there are few darker burrows in underlying lithology. The unit boundary was placed at interval 207-1259A-39R-5, 139 cm. B. The apparently complete P/E boundary interval in Hole 1259B (interval 207-1259B-8R-5, 95–115 cm). An interval with darker burrows can be observed (interval 207-1259B-8R-5, 106–107 cm) at the top of Subunit IIIA. The unit boundary is placed at interval 207-1259B-8R-5, 106 cm.