Figure F8. Close-up photographs of lithologies and sedimentary structures of lower Subunit IIIB at Site 1259. A. Campanian nannofossil chalk with pyrite crystals and common discrete black Zoophycos and Chondrites burrows (interval 207-1259A-52R-2, 60–80 cm). B. Top of the gradational change from calcareous chalk to glauconitic claystone at the base of Unit III (interval 207-1259B-18R-6, 25–45 cm). Darkening of the sediment downcore corresponds to an increase in clay content. C. Gradational change from brownish to greenish gray glauconitic claystone (interval 207-1258B-18R-6, 4468 cm). Glauconitic grains appear to be coarser and more concentrated in planar layers in the lowest portions of Subunit IIIB.