Figure F19. Stable isotope series of the bulk sediment and single foraminifer specimens across the Elmo horizon at Site 1263 (Lourens et al., 2005). A. 13C values (blue dots) of the surface-dwelling planktonic foraminifer Acarinina soldadoensis (A.sold). B. 13C values of the surface-dwelling benthic foraminifers Cibicidoides spp. (red squares) and Anomalinoides spp. (green dots). C. As in A but for 18O. D. As in B but for 18O. Light gray lines in A and B, and C and D indicate, respectively, the 13C and 18O values of the bulk sediment. Darker lines represent three-point moving averages on averaged values of duplicate analyses of a sample. Isotope values of the two benthic taxa are not significantly different and are both used for the latter curves.