crust, A1:6–12
seafloor spreading, B1:30
aerobiology, dust-borne microorganisms, B1:18
agate, photomicrograph, A5:117
hydrothermal alteration, A5:15
photomicrograph, A5:84
alpha-serpentine, photomicrograph, A7:61
dunites, A7:6
gabbros and gabbronorites, A3:8–9
geochemistry, A3:36–37; A6:31
harzburgites, A3:6
intensity vs. depth, A5:81, 94; A6:62, 66; A9:63; A10:79, 96
iron oxyhydroxides, A8:2–3
lithologic units, A5:5–9; A6:3–18; A9:5–7
mafic rocks, A3:12–13
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mylonitic shear zones, A3:11–12
photograph, A9:60–61; A10:90
photomicrograph, A3:60–67, 69–71, 74–75, 77–82, 86; A5:57–58; A6:56–61, 67–70; A9:61–62; A10:64–65
timing of events, A3:96; A5:20
ultramafics, A3:11
veins, A3:27–28
vs. deformation timing, A5:103
See also hydrothermal alteration; weathering; weathering rinds
alteration, synkinematic, photograph, A5:123
alteration fronts, photograph, A3:95; A5:86
alteration halos
hydrothermal alteration, A10:15–17
intensity vs. depth, A9:63
photograph, A5:86; A7:67, 83
photomicrograph, A3:82
alteration halos, orange–brown, photograph, A9:64
alteration halos, oxidized, carbonate veins, A9:10–11
alteration rinds, photomicrograph, A10:103
aluminum. See chromium/aluminum ratio; chromium/(chromium + aluminum) ratio
aluminum oxide
alteration, A3:36
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24–25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:35; A10:26–27
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28; A7:21; A9:18–20
troctolites, A10:23
vs. calcium oxide, A5:149; A9:86
vs. chromium, A6:104, 107; A7:95; A10:118
vs. chromium oxide, B2:6, 8, 9
vs. magnesium number, B2:6, 8
vs. magnesium oxide, A6:102, 107; A7:97; A10:119
vs. scandium, A6:105, 107; A7:96; A10:122
vs. silica, A5:154; A10:114
vs. strontium, A5:151
vs. titanium oxide, A6:105; A7:96; A9:88; A10:118
vs. trace elements, A3:139; A9:87
vs. trace elements in peridotites, A5:152–153
vs. vanadium, A6:104, 107; A7:96; A10:118
vs. zirconium, A6:105; A7:96; A9:88; A10:118
aluminum oxide/silica ratio, vs. magnesium oxide/silica ratio, A9:20, 89
altered gabbros, A5:82
composition, B4:22
deformation, A6:20
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12–20; A6:10–14; A10:12–15
mineral chemistry, B4:5
mylonites, A3:12
photograph, A3:85, 87; A6:55, 82; A10:56
photomicrograph, A1:114–115; A3:82, 88; A5:59, 71, 76–77, 83–85, 90, 138; A6:58–61, 67–68, 72–74, 76, 84–87, 94; A10:78
shear zones, A6:23–24
veins, A5:87; A6:65, 71
See also hornblende; olivine–amphibole–talc assemblage
amphibole, acicular, photograph, A10:80
amphibole, brown
hydrothermal alteration, B4:4
lithologic units, A6:3–10
photomicrograph, A5:84–85; A7:67; A10:81
amphibole, cross-fiber secondary, photomicrograph, A6:86
amphibole, euhedral brown, photomicrograph, A6:61
amphibole, feathery green, photomicrograph, A10:82
amphibole, fibrous, photomicrograph, A6:73; A10:105
amphibole, green, photomicrograph, A10:91–92
amphibole, interstitial, photomicrograph, A6:74
amphibole, near-static secondary, photomicrograph, A6:86
amphibole, schistose, shear zones, A6:23–24
amphibole, secondary, photomicrograph, A6:84–85
amphibole, secondary fibrous green, photomicrograph, A7:67; A10:81
alteration, A3:13
photomicrograph, A6:48–49, 57, 60
amphibolite facies
deformation, A6:20
deformation vs. alteration, A5:103
shear zones, A6:23–24
anhysteretic remanent magnetization, A9:24–25, 98, 111
magnetic susceptibility, A3:44, 165; A5:45, 186; A6:35, 128; A7:31, 133; A9:24–25, 98, 110; A10:35, 140, 165–166
See also thermal conductivity anisotropy
anisotropy, apparent
compressional wave velocity, A7:101
thermal conductivity, A6:111; A7:104
vs. forsterite, B1:28
X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
antigorite, hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
lithologic units, A7:4
mylonites, A3:12
photomicrograph, A10:76
genesis, A5:20
veins, A9:68
X-ray diffraction data, A7:63
deformation, A6:20
photomicrograph, A5:113; A6:86
awaruite, iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
azimuth, vs. depth, A10:149


aerobiology, B1:18
bottom water, A3:170
banded contacts, lithologic units, A10:4–10
deformation, A6:20
dunites, A3:7
dunites and harzburgites, A3:28
lithologic units, A5:4
orthopyroxene, A3:7–8
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A3:128–129; A5:116, 136; A7:45, 77
photomicrograph, A5:58, 85, 91, 118; A6:73–74, 85
stereo plots, A5:120
diabase and basalt, A7:24
gabbroic rocks, A10:25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A10:27
mafic rocks, A7:25
vs. carbon dioxide, A1:125
alteration, A7:9–10
geochemistry, A7:97–100
geology, A1:78–79
petrology, A8:2–3
basalts, aphyric, lithologic units, A3:4
basalts, vesicular
photograph, A1:96
photomicrograph, A4:10–11
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; B4:3–4
photomicrograph, A3:60, 77, 99; A5:57, 105; A7:61, 82; A9:61
ultramafics, A3:11
bastite, protogranular orthopyroxene, photomicrograph, A5:130
bastite, serpentine, photomicrograph, A3:99–100
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, A1:78–79; B1:25; B3:7; B4:10
Site 1268, A3:53–56
Site 1269, A4:7–9
Site 1270, A5:50–52
Site 1271, A6:41–43
Site 1272, A7:39–41
Site 1273, A8:5–7
Site 1274, A9:32–34
Site 1275, A10:45–47
biotite, photomicrograph, A3:82; A7:67
borehole azimuth logs, vs. depth, A7:113
borehole deviation logs, vs. depth, A7:113; A10:149
brown amphibole veins, A5:19–20
hydrothermal alteration, A5:14
photograph, A5:96
photomicrograph, A5:63, 138
See also microboudins
Bouguer anomalies, fracture zones, A1:80
boundary layers, conductive, mantle, B1:1–33
alteration, A8:2–3
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
igneous rocks, A3:25–26
rubble zone, A7:12
semibrittle shear zones, A6:24–25
serpentine, A5:22–23
See also fault breccia
breccia, carbonate-cemented, photograph, A7:73
breccia, intrusion
lithologic units, A3:4
photograph, A3:70, 83, 107
breccia, serpentine mud
photograph, A9:65
X-ray diffraction data, A9:65
breccia, stockwork, intrusions, A3:10
deformation, A5:27
photomicrograph, A5:122
hydrothermal alteration, A6:11–14; A9:8–11
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
photograph, A9:60
photomicrograph, A9:601–62
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
X-ray diffraction data, A6:64; A7:60, 65; A9:60
See also serpentine–brucite assemblage
brucite kernels, hydrothermal alteration, A9:8–11
bulk density logs, vs. depth, A7:34, 112; A10:148


calcite, photomicrograph, A10:95
calcium. See also magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system
calcium/chloride ratio, alteration, A3:36
calcium oxide
gabbros, A3:35; A6:30
hydrothermal alteration, B1:9
igneous rocks, A5:35, 37–38
peridotites, A6:29; A7:21; A9:18–20
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:149; A9:86
vs. carbon dioxide, A1:124; A5:150; A7:94; A10:115
vs. magnesium oxide, A7:97
caliper logs
summary, A7:127
vs. depth, A7:112–113; A10:147
See also Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde caliper logs
carbon, peridotites, A6:28
carbon dioxide
gabbroic rocks, A10:24
igneous rocks, A5:35
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:21
troctolites, A10:23
vs. barium, A1:125
vs. calcium oxide, A1:124; A5:150; A7:94; A10:115
vs. strontium, A1:125
igneous rocks, A5:35
photograph, A6:93; A9:64; A10:90
photomicrograph, A10:84
veins, A6:65, 71
deformation, A10:18–19
intensity vs. depth, A7:84
See also protocataclasite
cataclasites, gabbro, photomicrograph, A10:103
cataclasites, green amphibole
photograph, A10:101
photomicrograph, A10:102
cataclastic regions
intensity and orientation, A5:31
orientation, A3:31–32
photograph, A3:114
vs. depth, A5:124, 140
cerium. See lead/cerium ratio
hydrothermal alteration, A5:13; B1:10
igneous rocks, B3:4
photograph, A5:88, 101
vs. depth, B3:10
vs. magnesium oxide, B2:6, 8, 9
See also calcium/chloride ratio
alteration, A8:3
altered gabbros, A5:82, 84
deformation, A6:20
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:10; A10:12–15
mylonites, A3:12
photograph, A3:85, 87; A5:123; A6:51
photomicrograph, A3:86, 89; A5:85; A6:67–68, 73–74, 76; A10:85, 93–94
veins, A5:87
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
See also hydroxychlorite
chlorite, schistose, photograph, A6:95
hydrothermal alteration, A10:14–17
photomicrograph, A7:66, 68; A10:91
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10
photomicrograph, A6:53
lithologic units, A6:8
mid-ocean ridges, A1:35–36
photograph, A6:51
photomicrograph, A6:52–53, 81
chromitite, podiform
lithologic units, A6:8
photograph, A1:112
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24–25
gabbros, A3:35–36; A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:36; A10:26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:22
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:153; A6:104, 107; A7:95; A9:87; A10:118
vs. magnesium number, A10:117
vs. magnesium oxide, A7:99
vs. silica, A3:140; A5:156
chromium/aluminum ratio, hydrothermal alteration, B1:10
chromium/(chromium + aluminum) ratio, mantle sources, A1:81
chromium number
spinel, B4:4, 6
vs. depth, B4:5, 19–20
vs. forsterite, B4:17
vs. magnesium number, B2:7; B4:14
vs. titanium oxide, B4:15
chromium oxide
amphibole, spinel, B4:5
vs. aluminum oxide, B2:6, 8, 9
vs. nickel oxide, B2:6, 8
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
photomicrograph, A3:74
vs. depth, A9:68
X-ray diffraction data, A6:64; A7:60, 63, 65; A9:60, 65
See also clinochrysotile
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10
lithologic units, A3:4
photomicrograph, A6:97; A10:93
semibrittle shear zones, A6:24–25
clasts, fractured amphibole, photomicrograph, A10:102
clasts, lithic, photograph, A5:108
clasts, matrix-supported, photograph, A7:87
clasts, resistive, Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:90
clasts, ultramafic, photograph, A3:70, 83, 107
clasts, weathered, photograph, A7:72
alteration, A8:2–3
alteration of harzburgites, A7:8–9
carbonate veins, A9:10–11
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:14; A7:9–10
photograph, A5:95; A9:64
photomicrograph, A5:89; A10:94
cleavage, brown amphibole veins, A5:19–20
cleavage planes, photomicrograph, A3:61
clinochrysotile, X-ray diffraction data, A9:65
gabbros, A3:8–9
grain size, A9:51
harzburgites, A3:6
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10–11; A9:7–11
lithologic units, A5:4–8; A6:3–10; A9:2–7; A10:7–10
microprobe data, B2:1–13
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A3:85; A6:55; A7:55
photomicrograph, A3:64–66, 69, 86, 88, 106; A5:58, 64, 66, 75, 91, 112–114, 117–118; A6:84; A7:54, 57, 82; A9:44–50, 55, 70; A10:63–65, 75–77, 91–92; B1:27
quenching, A4:3
X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
clinopyroxene, euhedral, photomicrograph, A5:62; A9:50
clinopyroxene, intergranular, photomicrograph, A7:57
clinopyroxene, interstitial
lithologic units, A9:7
residual peridotites, B1:7–8
clinopyroxene, ophitic
lithologic units, A6:7
photomicrograph, A6:61
clinopyroxene, poikilitic, photomicrograph, A6:59; A9:45
clinopyroxene, quench
petrology, A8:2
photomicrograph, A4:11
clinopyroxene, recrystallized, photograph, A3:105
clinopyroxene, subophitic, lithologic units, A7:4
clinopyroxene augen, photomicrograph, A6:86
clinopyroxene microphenocrysts, hydrothermal alteration, A10:12–15
clinozoisite, calcium metasomatism, A3:20
igneous rocks, A5:36
peridotites, A9:18–19
sulfides, B3:4
cobbles, lithologic units, A7:2–3
compressional wave velocity
average values in peridotites and gabbros, A3:148
igneous rocks, A3:38–41
vs. bulk density, A10:133
vs. depth, A3:142; A7:101; A9:90; A10:125–126
vs. wet bulk density, A3:147; A5:163; A6:112; A7:106; A9:95
compressional wave velocity apparent anisotropy
igneous rocks, A7:101
vs. depth, A3:142; A9:90; A10:125–126
compressional wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A10:148
contamination, peridotites, B5:6–10
core–log correlation, fault zones, A7:18–19
core logs, B1:26
cores, length, A1:128
photomicrograph, A10:82
weathering stains, A7:12
See also microcracks
crenulate contacts, lithologic units, A10:4–10
accretion, A1:6–12
focused accretion, A1:8
crystal fractionation, mafic rocks, A7:25
crystal habit, hopperlike, photomicrograph, A7:48
gabbroic rocks, B1:15
troctolites, A10:9–10
See also crystal fractionation; fractional crystallization
culture experiments
electron donors, B5:25
See also microbial enrichment cultures


deep resistivity logs, vs. depth, A10:147
brown amphibole veins, A5:19–20
evolution, A7:19–20
gabbros, A5:123
harzburgites, A7:13
intensity in harzburgites, A7:14–15
lithologic units, A5:5–9; A9:3–7
paleomagnetism, B1:13
photograph, A3:107, 130; A5:85
photomicrograph, A1:99–100; A3:60, 64; A5:62–66, 85, 130–131, 139; A6:72–76
serpentinization, A5:18–19
timing, A5:20
vs. alteration timing, A5:103
deformation, brittle
breccia, A5:22–23, 30–31
dip vs. expanded depth, A5:141
distribution and orientation, A10:20
gabbroic rocks, A10:18
igneous rocks, A3:24–27
intensity vs. depth, A6:25, 98–99; A9:16–17, 72; A10:106, 108
photomicrograph, A5:121
serpentinized harzburgites, A7:15–20
deformation, brittle–ductile
photomicrograph, A6:87
serpentinized harzburgites, A7:15–20
deformation, cataclastic, photograph, A3:120
deformation, crystal-plastic
distribution and total intensity, A6:21
distribution by intensity grade, A6:80
gabbroic rocks, A10:18
gabbronorites, A1:102
intensity, A3:20–21, 23–24, 158; A9:105
intensity and orientation vs. depth, A3:98; A5:21–26, 28
intensity histograms, A10:100
intensity in cores, A5:111
intensity vs. depth, A3:112; A5:106, 119, 124, 128–129, 140; A6:79; A7:79; A9:72; A10:99
intensity vs. recovery, A7:81; A9:73
mylonites, A3:12
photograph, A3:129; A6:82
proportion in cores, A3:103
serpentine, A5:21–22
structures, B1:11–15
textures, A6:18–19
timing, A3:30
deformation, ductile
hydrothermal alteration, A6:16
photomicrograph, A1:114–115; A5:122; A6:72
deformation, high-strain crystal-plastic, structures, A9:12
deformation, high-temperature, photomicrograph, A3:100; A9:70
deformation, high-temperature brittle, neoblasts, A5:26
deformation, high-temperature ductile, photomicrograph, A6:74
deformation, high-temperature low-strain, igneous rocks, A3:21
deformation, high-temperature low-strain crystal-plastic, structures, A9:12
deformation, late-stage high-temperature mylonitic, localization, A3:29
deformation, low-temperature brittle shear, brecciation, A5:27
deformation, postintrusion crystal-plastic, gabbronorite dikes, A9:14
deformation, semibrittle
intensity and orientation, A5:31
vs. depth, A6:25
deformation, subsolidus crystal-plastic, metamorphism, A6:20
deformation textures, photomicrograph, A9:74, 76–77
deformation twins, photomicrograph, A3:100
decay curves, A6:115
vector endpoints, A5:164–165, 167; A6:113–114; A7:108–109; A9:97; A10:137–139
demagnetization, alternating-field
discrete sample whole-core direction comparison, A3:44–45
ultramafics, A3:150
demagnetization, thermal, ultramafics, A3:150
discrete samples, A6:125
igneous rocks, A3:38–41, 162; A5:41, 181; A6:33; A7:27–28, 126; A9:22, 108; A10:29–30, 161
vs. hydrothermal alteration, A1:126
density, bulk
caliper logs, A7:128
cube samples, A3:163
igneous rocks, A5:182
vs. compressional wave velocity, A9:95; A10:133
vs. depth, A10:125–126
vs. mean magnetic susceptibility, A10:30–31, 134
vs. mean thermal conductivity, A10:132
vs. thermal conductivity, A7:105; A9:94
density, grain, vs. mean magnetic susceptibility, A10:134
density, wet bulk
vs. compressional wave velocity, A3:147; A5:163; A6:112; A7:106
vs. depth, A3:142; A7:101; A9:90
density logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
See also bulk density logs
deformation, A10:18–19
geochemistry, A1:118; A10:24–25
hydrothermal alteration, A10:12–17
lithologic units, A7:2–7; A10:3–10
petrogenesis, A1:59–61
physical properties, A10:125
thermal conductivity, A7:103
diabase, olivine–plagioclase phyric, lithologic units, A10:7
diabase, phyric
photograph, A10:61
photomicrograph, A10:78
diabase, porphyritic, photomicrograph, A10:64
diabase, spherulitic, photomicrograph, A7:48
diabase, undeformed, photograph, A10:104
diabase contacts, stereo plots, A10:112
melt migration, B4:6
photograph, A6:55; A10:55
dikelets, gabbroic, photomicrograph, A6:76
dikelets, granophyre, photomicrograph, A10:77–78
dikelets, metamorphic, photomicrograph, A5:84
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10–11
lithologic units, A7:2–3
dikes, amphibole ultramafic, photomicrograph, A5:55
dikes, crosscutting, photograph, A10:50
dikes, diabase, lithologic units, A10:4–10
dikes, felsic
photograph, A10:84
photomicrograph, A10:84
dikes, gabbroic
alteration, A3:12–13
impregnation, A6:21–22
lithologic units, A10:5–10
dikes, magmatic
photograph, A3:82
photomicrograph, A3:82
dikes, pyroxenite, photomicrograph, A5:59
dikes, ultramafic, hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
diopside, magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
dip, foliation, A9:13–14
orthopyroxene, A3:9–10
peridotites, B5:1–38
downhole measurements
Site 1268, A3:48
Site 1271, A6:36–37
Site 1272, A7:32–36
Site 1274, A9:27
Site 1275, A10:37–41
alteration, A7:6
altered pyroxene stratigraphic proportion, A3:72
digital images, A6:89
hybridization with gabbroic rocks, B4:1–23
hydrothermal alteration, A5:11–12; A6:10, 16–17
lithologic units, A3:4–5, 7; A5:4–9; A6:3–5; A7:2–7; A9:2–7; A10:4–10
metamorphic veins, A5:16–17
microprobe data, B2:1–13
origin, A1:34–35
petrography, B4:3
photograph, A1:112, 117; A3:59, 128; A6:91; A7:44–45, 77; A9:37, 78–79
photomicrograph, A5:72; A6:46–47, 58, 64, 70, 74–75, 81
proportions, A1:98
spreading centers, B1:4–6
transport, A1:6–12
X-ray diffraction data, A6:63–64
dunites, altered, photograph, A6:45, 51, 63–64
dunites, amphibole-bearing
hydrothermal alteration, A6:15–16
photomicrograph, A6:76
dunites, brucite-altered, photograph, A9:60
dunites, chromitiferous, photograph, A6:82
dunites, olivine-bearing, photomicrograph, A6:67
dunites, orthopyroxene-bearing serpentinized, photograph, A3:114
dunites, oxidatively-altered aragonite-veined, photograph, A7:63
dunites, serpentinized, photograph, A6:55


elongate minerals, harzburgites, A7:14–15
enstatite, magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
environmentally corrected gamma ray logs, vs. depth, A10:148
gabbronorites, A10:9
photomicrograph, A9:70; A10:75, 83
exsolution lamellae, photomicrograph, A7:54, 57


deformation, A9:12
distribution by lithology, A6:80
gabbronorites, A10:8–9
intensity in gabbronorite, A1:102
pyroxene bastite, A5:104
spinel, A6:22
See also magnetic fabric
fabric, crystal-plastic
harzburgites, A7:14–15
intensity and dip, A5:146
intensity and orientation, A5:21–22
photograph, A3:128
fabric, gabbro, orientation, A3:132
fabric, high-temperature high-strain, igneous rocks, A3:22–23
fabric, high-temperature low-strain
alteration, A5:24, 28–29
igneous rocks, A3:21
fabric, high-temperature low-strain mantle, textures, A6:19
fabric, high-temperature moderate-strain
alteration, A5:24–25, 28–29
igneous rocks, A3:21–22
fabric, magmatic, distribution and orientation, A10:21
fabric, moderate-temperature high-strain, alteration, A5:25
fault breccia
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:14
photograph, A3:58; A5:108; A7:87
photomicrograph, A6:97
recovery and boundaries, A6:78
fault gouge
dip, A7:119
foliation, A9:14
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:88, 115–116
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A9:9
igneous rocks, A3:25–26; A7:17–18
intensity vs. depth, A7:92
lithologic units, A5:4
photograph, A1:120; A3:113; A5:108; A9:39, 82–83
proportions, A1:98
recovery and boundaries, A6:78
semibrittle shear zones, A6:24–25
serpentine, A5:22–23
fault gouge, semiplastic, photograph, A7:87
fault zones
brittle and crystal-plastic deformation, A5:147
brittle deformation, A3:30
core–log correlation, A7:18–19
fluid flow, A7:9
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:115
hydrothermal alteration, A6:11–14
lithologic units, A7:6–7
orientation, A7:18–19
structures, A9:16
fault zones, brittle, structures, B1:12–15
deformation, A6:25–26
dip, A7:119
dip histograms, A3:118
dip vs. depth, A3:119; A10:107
igneous rocks, A3:26
photomicrograph, A6:87
stereo plots, A3:135
faults, brittle, semibrittle shear zones, A6:24–25
faults, normal
geology, A1:78–79
photograph, A3:95, 117
felsic material, photograph, A7:49–50
fifteen degrees-twenty seconds Fracture Zone, deformation, A1:1–139
first lead paradox, peridotites, B1:16–18
fluid flow
fault zones, A7:9
hydrothermal alteration, A6:11–14
mantle, A6:8
fluid inclusions, photomicrograph, A7:69
fluorescent microspheres, contamination, A3:169
focussing, mantle upwelling, A1:7–8
folds, photomicrograph, A6:73, 96
deformation, A6:20
dip vs. depth, A5:119
gabbros, A10:5
orientation, A3:31
orientation in spinel, A3:132
photograph, A3:104, 129; A5:115–116; A6:82; A9:79
photograph in spinel, A3:133
photomicrograph, A3:106; A5:79, 137–138; A6:86
spinel, A5:32; A6:19
foliation, anastomosing
dip histograms, A3:110–111
photograph, A3:108–109
photomicrograph, A5:117
foliation, anastomosing serpentine, igneous rocks, A3:24–25
foliation, chrysotile
dip vs. depth, A9:80
stereo plots, A9:81
foliation, cross-fiber anastomosing serpentine, serpentinized harzburgites, A7:15
foliation, cross-fiber serpentine
depth vs. intensity, A3:112
dunites, A5:22, 31
dunites and harzburgites, A6:22–23
gabbronorite dikes, A9:14–15
foliation, crystal-plastic
dip vs. depth, A3:98
intensity and orientation, A5:21–22
photograph, A3:102, 114, 130; A5:110, 135–136; A7:77
photomicrograph, A6:94
protogranular textures, A9:13–14
stereo plots, A3:134; A5:120; A7:78; A9:75
foliation, harzburgite
photograph, A5:134
stereo plots, A5:132
foliation, high-temperature, photograph, A7:46
foliation, high-temperature high-strain, igneous rocks, A3:22–23
foliation, high-temperature low-strain, igneous rocks, A3:21
foliation, low-angle, photograph, A3:101
foliation, magmatic
gabbros, A3:9
stereo plots, A10:112–113
foliation, mesoscopic crystal-plastic, photograph, A7:80
foliation, mylonitic, textures, A5:33
foliation, serpentine
orientation, A7:19
photograph, A9:78–79
stereo plots, A7:91
foliation, shear, photograph, A10:104
foliation, spinel, stereoplots, A6:83
foliation planes, harzburgites, A7:13
Formation MicroScanner imagery
apparent faults, A7:116
fault gouge, A7:88
fault zones, A7:18–19, 35–36, 115
fracture strike, dip azimuth and dip, A7:118
fractures, A7:116
harzburgites, A7:88
oxide gabbros, A7:88
resistive clasts, A7:90
resistivity contrast of fault zones, A7:117
serpentine schists, A7:89
vs. depth, A7:75, 112–113; A10:151–153
Formation MicroScanner imagery logs
igneous rocks, A10:41
vs. depth, A10:147
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
mineral chemistry, B4:4
molecular percent histogram, B4:13
vs. anorthite, B1:28
vs. chromium number in spinel, B4:17
vs. depth, B4:19
fractional crystallization
high pressure, B1:4–6
lithologic units, A10:10
melts, B4:6
fracture zones, deformation, A1:1–139; A9:16–17
deformation, A5:27
dip vs. depth, A10:107
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:116, 118; A10:151–153
photograph, A3:130
resistivity-at-the-bit, A10:144
stereo plots, A9:81
See also joints; microfractures; shear fractures
fractures, brittle, orientation, A6:26
fractures, brittle shear, orientation, A7:19
fractures, shear
dip histograms, A3:118
dip vs. depth, A3:119
igneous rocks, A3:26
intensity vs. depth, A7:92
stereo plots, A7:91
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10–11
sulfides, B3:4
fungi, aerobiology, B1:18


gabbro/diorite, miarolytic, photograph, A7:67
gabbroic rocks
composition, B1:7
digital images, A6:90
geochemistry, A6:29–31
hybridization with dunites, B4:1–23
lithologic units, A7:2–3
mantle, B1:15
microprobe data, A1:1–139; B2:1–13
Mohorovicic discontinuity, B1:15
petrogenesis, A1:59–61
photograph, A3:58; A6:50, 55; A10:53
photomicrograph, A6:61
proportions, A1:98
spreading centers, B1:4–6
gabbroic rocks, impregnated, vs. depth, A6:54, 66
gabbromylonites, photomicrograph, A6:85
gabbromylonites, troctolitic, photograph, A6:82
alteration, A3:12–13
crystal-plastic deformation, A1:102
geochemistry, A10:24–25
lithologic units, A3:5, 8–9; A10:8–9
magnesium oxide, A7:24
photomicrograph, A1:99–100; A5:62–63, 65
gabbronorites, intrusive, petrogenesis, A1:16–18
gabbronorites, olivine, petrography, B4:3
gabbronorites, oxide
lithologic units, A5:6–8
photograph, A5:115–116
photomicrograph, A5:62–65, 112, 114, 117–118; A7:54
strain localization, A5:26
average compressional wave velocity, A3:148
brittle deformation, A3:26–27
calcium metasomatism, A3:19–20
deformation, A5:123; A10:18–19
emplacement, A3:19
geochemistry, A5:36–38, 154–158; A6:106–108; A10:24–25, 114–124
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12, 15–16; A6:10–11; A10:12–17
lithologic units, A3:4–5, 8–9; A5:4–9; A6:3–8
median destructive field, A3:151
metamorphic veins, A5:17
photograph, A3:84, 107; A9:56; A10:49–53, 56, 110
photomicrograph, A5:122; A6:56
physical properties, A10:125–126
physical properties vs. depth, A3:142
protoliths, A5:18
thermal conductivity, A3:146; A5:160–161; A7:103
veins, A3:16
See also harzburgites/gabbros contact; microgabbros
gabbros, altered
alteration intensity vs. depth, A5:81
photograph, A3:84–85; A9:40; A10:80–81, 88
photomicrograph, A3:86, 89; A5:82
sulfides, B3:1–18
X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
gabbros, brown amphibole
hydrothermal alteration, A6:12–13
petrography, B4:4
photograph, A1:113
photomicrograph, A6:72–73
gabbros, crenulate contacts, photograph, A1:135
gabbros, crosscutting, lithologic units, A10:5–10
gabbros, deformed
photograph, A3:120
photomicrograph, A3:100
gabbros, deformed oxide, photomicrograph, A9:76
gabbros, miarolitic, geochemistry, A1:118
gabbros, mixed grain sizes, photograph, A1:134
gabbros, oikocrystic olivine, lithologic units, A6:6–7
gabbros, olivine
hydrothermal alteration, A5:13; A10:14–17
lithologic units, A6:6–7; A10:6–10
petrography, B4:3
photograph, A10:60–61
photomicrograph, A6:59; A10:64
gabbros, oxide
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:88, 115
geochemistry, A10:24–25
hydrothermal alteration, A9:9
lithologic units, A9:3–7; A10:3–10
magnetic susceptibility vs. oxides, A10:66–67
photograph, A10:51
photomicrograph, A7:82; A10:65
gabbros, pegmatitic
lithologic units, A5:6
photograph, A1:92; A3:71
textures, A3:8
gabbros, quartz–olivine
lithologic units, A7:4–7
photograph, A7:49–50
gabbros, rodingitized
lithologic units, A9:3–7
photograph, A9:66
photomicrograph, A9:66
gabbros, troctolitic, photomicrograph, A6:84, 87
gamma-ray intensity logs, vs. depth, A10:148
gamma-ray logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
vs. depth, A7:120; A10:146
vs. resistivity logs, A7:120
See also environmentally corrected gamma ray logs; total spectral gamma ray logs
gamma rays
igneous rocks, A3:37; A5:40; A6:32; A7:25–26, 36; A9:21; A10:28
vs. depth, A3:143; A5:73
gamma rays, corrected, vs. depth, A7:102; A9:91; A10:127
general purpose inclinometry tool, magnetic field logs, A7:34–35, 113
geobiology, olivine dissolution rate, B1:18
gabbroic rocks, A1:5
peridotites, A1:10–11
Site 1268, A3:33–37, 159–160
Site 1270, A5:34–39
Site 1271, A6:27–31
Site 1272, A7:20–25
Site 1274, A9:17–20
Site 1275, A10:22–27
geology, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, A1:78–79
glass rinds, lithologic units, A7:5
grain boundaries
hydrothermal alteration, B4:3–4
lithologic units, A9:5–7
photomicrograph, A7:57; A9:57; B1:27
See also crenulate contacts; olivine triple junctions
grain size
mafic rocks, A7:2–8
orthopyroxene and clinopyroxene, A9:51
vs. depth in gabbros, A10:54, 59
geochemistry, A10:24–25
lithologic units, A10:3–10
photograph, A10:55–56, 58, 61, 64
granulite facies
deformation, A6:20
deformation vs. alteration, A5:103
shear zones, A3:11–12
greenschist facies
alteration, A6:95
gabbros, A3:19
hydrothermal alteration, A6:17
photomicrograph, A6:74–75
shear zones, A6:23–24
textures, A5:139
grossular. See hydrogrossular


halos. See alteration halos
altered orthopyroxene proportion, A3:68
altered pyroxene stratigraphic proportion, A3:72
deformation, A7:13
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:88
hydrothermal alteration, A5:11–12, 15–16; A6:12, 16–17
lithologic units, A3:4–6; A5:4–9; A6:4–5; A7:3–4; A9:2–7; A10:4–10
lithology, A3:5–6
metamorphic veins, A5:16–17
microprobe data, B2:1–13
petrography, B4:3
photograph, A1:117; A3:83, 102, 107, 127–130; A5:54, 69, 74, 95, 110; A7:44–47, 77; A9:36–38, 78–79
photomicrograph, A5:56–59, 75, 130–131, 145; A6:81; A7:82; A9:69–71
proportions, A1:98
textures, A7:5–6
harzburgites, basement, photograph, A7:76
harzburgites, mylonitic, photograph, A9:38
harzburgites, orthopyroxene-rich, lithologic units, A5:4
harzburgites, protogranular, photograph, A3:101; A7:80
harzburgites, protomylonitic, photomicrograph, A5:130
harzburgites, residual
trace elements, B1:31
uranium, B1:32
harzburgites, serpentinized
petrology, A8:2–3
photograph, A1:86–87; A3:73, 76, 82, 84; A5:78–79, 89–90, 96, 98, 100–101, 107, 142; A9:61, 64
photomicrograph, A3:74–75, 99; A5:79; A8:9; A9:61, 77
X-ray diffraction data, A9:61
harzburgites, serpentinized "popcorn," photograph, A5:104
harzburgites, soft clayey serpentinized, clay alteration, A7:8–9
harzburgites/gabbros contact, photograph, A9:59
heazlewoodite, iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
photograph, A5:101; A10:80
veins, A3:13–14
high pressure, fractional crystallization, B1:4–6
hornblende, X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
Hostile Environment Litho-Density Sonde caliper logs, vs. depth, A10:147
hybrid rocks
hydrothermal alteration, A6:13–14
lithologic units, A6:8
hybridization, dunites and gabbroic rocks, B4:1–23
peridotites, A3:33
timing, A3:30
hydration, synkinematic, magmatic veins, A5:29–30
peridotites, A6:28
See also magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system
calcium metasomatism, A3:20
photomicrograph, A6:85
hydrothermal alteration
basalts, A7:9–10
breccia, A5:12
gabbroic rocks, B1:8–11
gabbros, A5:12; A10:12–17
harzburgites and dunites, A5:11–12
igneous rocks, A5:13–34; B4:3–4
intensity vs. depth, A3:90
lithologic units, A6:10–18; A9:7–11
mafic rocks, A7:9–10
peridotites, A1:14, 18–20, 26–28, 42–43, 61–62
secondary minerals, A3:11–13
Site 1271, A1:37–38
Site 1274, A1:47–50
ultramafic dikes, A5:12
ultramafics, A7:7–9
vs. density, A1:126
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A1:126
See also alteration; metasomatism; reaction coronas; reaction rims; reaction zones; secondary minerals; weathering
hydrothermal reactions, chemistry, A9:11
hydroxychlorite, clay alteration, A7:8–9


lithologic units, A10:6
photograph, A10:60
igneous petrology
Site 1268, A3:3–10
Site 1269, A4:2–4
Site 1270, A5:3–20
Site 1271, A6:2–9
Site 1272, A7:2–7
Site 1273, A8:2–3
Site 1274, A9:2–7
Site 1275, A10:3–10
igneous rock contacts
orientation, A3:132
photograph, A3:58–59
stereo plots, A7:78
igneous rock proportion
Site 1268, A1:15–16
Site 1270, A1:24–25
Site 1271, A1:33–34
Site 1272, A1:40–41
Site 1274, A1:46
igneous rocks
crust, A1:6–12
geochemistry, A5:177–178; A6:122; A7:124; A9:106; A10:158–159
spreading rates, B1:30
thermal conductivity, A5:179
X-ray diffraction data, A3:156; A6:120
igneous rocks, A10:26–27
X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
ilmenite lamellae, photomicrograph, A10:83
residual peridotites, B1:7–8
textures, A6:21–22
inclinometry logs
igneous rocks, A10:41
See also general purpose inclinometry tool
hydrothermal alteration, A7:9–10
lithologic units, A6:5
orthopyroxenite, A3:8
zeolites, A10:13
See also fluid inclusions; melt inclusions
harzburgites, A3:6
lithologic units, A5:5
photomicrograph, A5:58; A7:51–52
intergrowths, symplectic
lithologic units, A7:7
photomicrograph, A6:56; A7:58
residual peridotites, B1:7–8
digital images, A6:88
gabbros, A5:17
gabbros and gabbronorites, A3:8–9
lithologic units, A3:4
photograph, A3:84
timing, A3:30
See also plutons
intrusions, gabbroic
lithologic units, A5:10
magmatic veins, A3:29–30
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A5:74, 95
photomicrograph, A5:71, 99
structures, A1:8–10
intrusive rocks, petrogenesis, A1:36–37
clay alteration, A7:8–9
microprobe data, B2:1–13
X-ray diffraction data, A7:9, 60, 65
oxidation, A7:9
vs. sulfur, B2:9
See also magnesium/iron ratio; magnesium + iron
iron/titanium ratio, igneous rocks, A10:26
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system, phase equilibria, A3:97
iron number
spinel, B4:4
vs. depth, B4:19
vs. titanium oxide, B4:16
iron oxide
alteration, A3:36
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24
gabbros, A6:30–31
igneous rocks, A5:35; A10:25–26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28
photomicrograph, A5:59
troctolites, A10:23
veins, A5:92, 97; A6:65
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
vs. magnesium oxide, A3:138; A5:148; A6:103; A7:93, 97; A9:85; A10:116, 119; B2:6, 8, 9
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A3:141
vs. silica, A3:137
vs. titanium oxide, A5:155; A10:120
iron oxide, interstitial, photomicrograph, A5:62
iron oxyhydroxide
alteration, A8:2–3
carbonate veins, A9:10–11
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
photograph, A5:95; A9:64; A10:90
photomicrograph, A5:89; A10:95
iron–titanium oxides
deformation, A5:26
mylonites, A3:12


joints, weathering stains, A7:12


kamacite, iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
kernels. See brucite kernels; olivine kernels
kink bands
deformation, A9:12
harzburgites, A7:14–15
photomicrograph, A3:64, 100; A5:62; A9:70–71, 74


photograph, A5:115
photomicrograph, A9:47–48
See also exsolution lamellae; ilmenite lamellae
lanthanum/samarium ratio, mantle sources, A1:81
laths. See plagioclase laths
lead. See first lead paradox; lead paradox; thorium/lead ratio; uranium/lead ratio
lead/cerium ratio, peridotites, B1:16–18
lead isotopes
mantle sources, A1:81
peridotites, B1:17–18
lead paradox, peridotites, B1:16–18
Leg 209, coring summary, A1:139
lherzolite. See spinel lherzolite facies
change through time for fumarate enrichment media, B5:21
change through time for iron oxide enrichment media, B5:22
change through time for manganese oxide enrichment media, B5:23
change through time for sodium nitrate enrichment media, B5:20
dissolution in culture media, B5:18
dissolution in peridotites, B5:6–10
lithium, dissolved
amount through time for two cultures, B5:35
average amount, B5:28
average amount through time, B5:29–30
lithologic units
stratigraphy, A3:4–5; A5:4–9; A6:3–9; A7:2–4; A9:2–7; A10:3–10
Unit I, A3:4; A5:4, 6–7; A6:3–4; A7:2–3; A9:2–3; A10:3, 5
Unit II, A3:4; A5:4, 8; A6:4; A7:3–4; A9:3; A10:4–5
Unit III, A3:4–5; A5:4–5, 7; A6:4; A9:3; A10:4–6
Unit IV, A3:5; A5:9; A6:4–5; A10:6
Unit V, A5:7; A10:6
Unit VI, A5:8–9
Unit VII, A5:7
discrete samples, A6:126
proportions, A1:98
summary, A1:84, 109, 116, 121, 129; A5:53, 67, 73; A10:48, 57
vs. depth, A3:57; A6:44, 54; A9:35; A10:3–10; B4:2–3, 11
hydrothermal alteration, A9:8–11
igneous rocks, A5:35
X-ray diffraction data, A1:86; A6:64; A7:60, 63; A9:60–61, 65
loss on ignition
gabbros, A3:35
igneous rocks, A5:34–35
peridotites, A3:33–34; A6:28; A7:21
troctolites, A10:23
vs. magnesium oxide, A6:102; A7:93
vs. silica, A3:140


mafic rocks
alteration, A3:12–13
geochemistry, A3:35–36; A7:23–25, 97–100
hydrothermal alteration, A7:9–10; A9:9
photograph, A7:49–50
textures, A7:43
magmas, rock generations, A6:26–27
magmatic layering
distribution and orientation, A10:21
stereo plots, A7:78
magmatism, intrusions, A3:10
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, mineral–fluid phase diagram, A6:17–18, 77
magnesium/iron ratio, hydrothermal alteration, B1:9
magnesium + iron, vs. silica, B2:6, 8, 9
magnesium number
gabbroic rocks, B1:7
igneous rocks, A10:25–26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28; A7:21
spinel, B4:4
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, B2:6, 8
vs. chromium, A10:117
vs. chromium number, B2:7; B4:14
vs. nickel, A1:111, 133; A7:95; A10:117
vs. silica, A1:88, 103, 118; A10:114
vs. zirconium, A1:118, 137; B1:29
magnesium number, molar, histograms in gabbroic rocks, A1:136
magnesium oxide
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24
gabbronorites, A7:24
gabbros, A3:35
igneous rocks, A5:35, 37–39; A10:25–26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28; A7:21
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A6:102, 108; A10:119
vs. chloride, B2:6, 8, 9
vs. chromium, A7:99
vs. iron oxide, A3:138; A5:148; A6:103, 108; A7:93; A9:85; A10:116, 119; B2:6, 8, 9
vs. loss on ignition, A6:102; A7:93
vs. major oxides, A7:97
vs. silica, A3:137, 140; A5:148, 154; A6:102; A7:93; A9:84; B2:9
vs. titanium oxide, A6:108
vs. water content, A9:84
vs. zirconium, A7:100
magnesium oxide/silica ratio, vs. aluminum oxide/silica ratio, A9:20, 89
magnetic anomalies, estimates, A7:114
magnetic declination
histograms, A6:116; A7:110; A9:99
rose diagrams, A5:170
vs. depth, A9:116
magnetic declination, archive half, vs. discrete sample declination, A5:169
magnetic declination, discrete sample, vs. archive half declination, A5:169
magnetic fabric, deformation, A9:24
magnetic field, vs. depth, A10:149
magnetic field logs
general purpose inclinometry tool, A7:34–35, 113
igneous rocks, A10:41
vs. depth, A7:34–35, 113
magnetic inclination
discrete sample histograms, A10:141
gabbros and peridotites, A3:45–47
histograms, A5:168; A6:116; A7:110; A9:99
remanence variation, A3:152
vs. depth, A3:149; A7:74, 107; A9:96, 100, 116; A10:135–136
vs. rotation about horizontal axis, A1:93
vs. rotation axis azimuth twenty degrees, A1:94, 108
magnetic inclination logs, vs. depth, A7:113
magnetic intensity
discrete samples, A6:34
remanence variation, A3:152
vs. depth, A9:116
magnetic properties, vs. depth, A10:149
magnetic susceptibility
anisotropy, A3:44, 165; A5:45, 186; A6:35, 128; A7:31, 133; A9:24–25, 98, 110; A10:35, 140, 165–166
continuous measurements, A3:41–42; A5:42
eigen vector of tensor, A5:171; A6:117; A7:111
igneous rocks, A3:37; A5:40; A6:32; A7:26; A9:21; A10:28
magnetite estimate, A5:61
vs. depth, A3:144–145, 149; A5:159; A6:109; A7:74, 107; A9:96
vs. hydrothermal alteration, A1:126
vs. iron oxide, A3:141
vs. oxides, A10:66–67
vs. water content, A3:141
magnetic susceptibility, corrected, vs. depth, A7:102; A9:91; A10:128–129
magnetic susceptibility, mean
vs. bulk density, A10:30–31, 134
vs. grain density, A10:30–31, 134
magnetic susceptibility, volume, vs. depth, A10:135–136
hydrothermal alteration, A5:11–12; A6:11–14; A9:7–11
igneous rocks, A10:26–27
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
lithologic units, A10:7–10
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mylonites, A3:12
photomicrograph, A6:68; A7:66; A10:83, 85, 92, 94
serpentinite, A7:7–10
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
veins, A3:13–14; A5:80; A6:65, 71; A9:68
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
vs. depth, A5:60
X-ray diffraction data, A6:63–64; A7:60, 63; A9:60, 65
X-ray diffraction data in serpentinized harzburgite, A3:73; A5:78
magnetite, euhedral, photomicrograph, A7:64
magnetite, modal, vs. depth, A10:68–71
major elements
alteration, A3:36–37
altered gabbronorites, A1:91
altered peridotites, A1:90
gabbros, A3:35; A6:30
igneous rocks, A3:159–160; A5:34–39, 177–178; A6:122; A7:124; A9:106; A10:158–159
mineral chemistry, B4:4–5
mineral separates, A6:123
major elements, anhydrous
altered gabbronorites, A1:91, 101
altered peridotites, A1:90, 105, 110, 119, 123
conductive boundary layer, B1:1–33
deformation, A1:1–139
petrology, A3:3–10
seismic velocity, A1:85
temperature, A1:13–14
upwelling, A1:6–12
upwelling diagrams, A1:83
mantle, upper, hybridization of dunites and gabbroic rocks, B4:1–23
median destructive field, demagnetization, A3:43–44, 151
melt flow
hybridization of dunites and gabbroic rocks, B4:1–23
transport, A1:6–12
melt inclusions, photomicrograph, A8:8
fractional crystallization, B4:6
migration, B4:5–6
transport, A1:6–12
mesh rims, ultramafics, A3:11
mesostasis, hydrothermal alteration, A10:12–15
metamorphic petrology
Site 1268, A3:10–20
Site 1269, A4:2–4
Site 1270, A5:3–20
Site 1271, A6:9–18
Site 1272, A7:7–11
Site 1274, A9:7–11
Site 1275, A10:10–17
gabbroic rocks, B1:8–11
lithologic units, A6:10–18
parageneses, A1:49–50
peridotites, A1:18–20, 26–28, 42–43, 61–62
photomicrograph, A6:72–76
Site 1271, A1:37–38
Site 1274, A1:47–50
spreading centers, B1:4–6
metaperidotite, carbon dioxide, A1:124
alteration, A3:12–13
hydrothermal alteration, A5:16
peridotites, A1:18–20, 26–28, 42–43, 61–62
silica, A3:18–20
Site 1271, A1:37–38
Site 1274, A1:47–50
microbes, peridotites, B5:6–10
microbial enrichment cultures, peridotites, B5:1–38
metaperidotite, A1:23
mud, A4:4–5, 15
peridotites, B5:1–38
Site 1268, A3:47–48
Site 1269, A4:4–5
Site 1270, A5:45–46
Site 1271, A6:35–36
Site 1272, A7:31–32
Site 1274, A9:25–27
Site 1275, A10:36–37
solid samples, A5:45–46; A7:31; A9:25–26
surface water and atmosphere, A3:47–48, 171; A5:46, 188; A7:32, 134; A9:26–27, 115; A10:36–37, 167
See also aerobiology; geobiology
microboudins, photomicrograph, A6:72
photograph, A6:55
photomicrograph, A10:89
lithologic units, A6:3–4
photomicrograph, A9:49
alteration, A3:8; A6:13
hydrothermal alteration, A10:12–17
lithologic units, A5:8–9; A7:2–7; A10:3–10
photograph, A5:86, 116
microgabbros, foliated oxide, stereo plots, A5:120
microlites. See olivine microlites; plagioclase microlites
microorganisms, aerobiology, B1:18
hydrothermal alteration, A7:9–10; A10:12–15
See also olivine microphenocrysts
microshear bands, photomicrograph, A6:75
microsphere tracers, culture experiments, B5:26
microspheres. See fluorescent microspheres
microstructures, harzburgites, A3:6
microtextures, hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
microveins, serpentinite, A7:8–9
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
mantle boundary layer, B1:1–33
maps, B5:15
peridotites, A1:1–139
mid-ocean ridges
chromitites, A1:35–36
zircon provenance, B1:18
See also slow-spreading ridges
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10
igneous rocks, B3:4–5
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
vs. depth, B3:10
mineral chemistry, major elements, B4:4–5
mineral separates, geochemistry, A6:123
mineralization, sulfides, B3:1–18
veins, A5:176; A6:121; A9:67, 104; A10:86, 97, 157
X-ray diffraction data, A5:175
Mohorovicic discontinuity, gabbroic rocks, B1:15
lithologic units, A9:3–7
photograph, A1:127
mylonite zones
photograph, A3:58
photomicrograph, A6:85
vs. depth, A3:98
mylonite zones, serpentinized, photograph, A3:105
deformation, B1:12–15
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:15
intensity in cores, A5:111
photograph, A3:107; A5:136
photomicrograph, A3:106; A5:72, 79, 118
reverse shear zones, A3:33
See also gabbromylonites; protomylonites
mylonites, dunite, photomicrograph, A5:84–85
mylonites, gabbro, photomicrograph, A5:130
mylonites, high-strain, photograph, A3:104
mylonites, peridotite, photograph, A1:97
mylonites, weathered harzburgite, photomicrograph, A9:74


deformation, A5:26; A9:12
harzburgites, A3:6
photomicrograph, A1:99–100, 114–115; A3:67, 100; A5:63–64, 90, 113, 117, 121; A6:72, 74; A7:54, 82; A9:57, 70–71
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24–25
gabbros, A3:35–36; A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:36–37; A10:26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A9:18–19
sulfides, B3:4
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:153
vs. magnesium number, A1:111, 133; A7:95; A10:117
vs. sulfur, B2:9
See also iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system
nickel oxide, vs. chromium oxide, B2:6, 8
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
X-ray diffraction data, A9:65
norite, lithologic units, A10:5–10


lithologic units, A6:6–7
photomicrograph, A10:62
composition, B4:20
composition vs. depth, B4:19
dissolution rates, B5:37
harzburgites, A3:5–6
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:11–14; A9:7–11; B4:3–4
impregnation, A6:21–22
lithologic units, A5:4–8; A6:3–10; A7:3–4; A9:3–7; A10:4–10
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mineral chemistry, B4:4
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A5:89; A6:50, 55, 82, 92; A7:55; A10:50, 60–61
photomicrograph, A1:122; A3:64, 99–100; A5:58, 68, 72, 85, 105, 137; A6:48–49, 56–59, 67–70, 76, 81, 84–85, 88; A7:51, 56, 58; A9:42, 44–45, 47, 49, 61–62, 70, 74; A10:62–64, 85, 93–94; B1:27
preferred orientation, B1:13
See also forsterite
olivine, euhedral embayed, photomicrograph, A8:8
olivine, occluded, photomicrograph, A9:69
olivine, poikilitic, lithologic units, A7:4
olivine, serpentinized, photomicrograph, A3:60–62, 66; A9:61
olivine, subhedral, photomicrograph, A6:74
olivine–amphibole–talc assemblage, phase equilibria, A6:17–18
olivine gabbros. See gabbros, olivine
olivine kernels
hydrothermal alteration, A9:8–11
photomicrograph, A10:95
olivine microlites, photomicrograph, A7:48
olivine microphenocrysts, hydrothermal alteration, A7:9–10
olivine triple junctions, lithologic units, A6:3–8
banding, A3:7–8
dunites, A3:7
gabbros, A3:8–9
grain size, A9:51
harzburgites, A3:6
hydrothermal alteration, A9:7–11; B4:3–4
lithologic units, A5:4–8; A6:4–10; A7:3–7; A9:2–7; A10:7–10
lithology and stratigraphy in peridotites, A7:42
microprobe data, B2:1–13
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A3:102, 129; A5:54, 89; A7:45–47
photomicrograph, A1:89, 100; A3:78, 99–100; A5:56–58, 72, 91, 105, 112, 114, 117–118, 130–131; A6:46–47, 69, 81; A7:54, 56–59, 82; A9:42–50, 61, 69–71, 74; A10:62, 75–77; B1:27
porphyroclasts, A6:19
proportions, A3:9–10
vs. depth, A9:41
X-ray diffraction data, A9:61
orthopyroxene, altered
photograph, A5:69
photomicrograph, A3:60–65, 67, 69; A5:70
proportion in harzburgite and dunites, A3:68
orthopyroxene, anhedral, photomicrograph, A5:68
orthopyroxene, elongated, photograph, A7:55
orthopyroxene, euhedral, photograph, A10:61
orthopyroxene, granular, photomicrograph, A9:69
orthopyroxene, interstitial
photograph, A7:55
residual peridotites, B1:7–8
orthopyroxene, polygonal, lithologic units, A7:5
orthopyroxene, protogranular, photomicrograph, A9:69
orthopyroxene, subhedral, photomicrograph, A5:62
banding, A3:7–8
lithologic units, A5:4–6
photomicrograph, A3:69
osmium isotopes, peridotites, B1:15–16
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
iron, A7:9
lithologic units, A7:2–4
photograph, A7:67; A9:64
oxide gabbros. See gabbros, oxide
oxide infillings, photomicrograph, A10:72
photomicrograph, A10:74
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A10:66–67
oxides, interstitial
lithologic units, A5:8–9
photomicrograph, A5:122; A7:54
oxides, magmatic, photomicrograph, A5:112–114, 117
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10–11
sulfides, B3:4–5
See also iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system; magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system


P–T conditions
phase equilibria, A6:18
See also thermobarometry
deformation, B1:13
discrete samples, A3:164; A5:42–43
gabbro fabric orientation, A3:132
lithologic contact orientation, A3:132
magmatic vein orientation, A3:132
piece orientations from archive-half data, A3:166–167
Site 1268, A1:21–23; A3:41–47
Site 1270, A1:30–33; A5:41–45
Site 1271, A1:39; A6:33–35
Site 1272, A7:28–31
Site 1274, A9:22–25
Site 1275, A10:31–36
spinel foliation orientation, A3:132
tectonics, A1:44, 52–53, 63–65
lithologic units, A6:7
metamorphism, A1:49–50
partial melting, textures, A6:21–22
lithologic units, A9:2
photograph, A9:38
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10
igneous rocks, B3:4
microprobe data, B2:4
serpentinite, A3:11
vs. depth, B3:10
perfluorocarbon tracers
contamination, A3:47, 168; A6:35–36, 129
gas chromatography, A5:172, 187; A6:118
standard curve, A3:153
average compressional wave velocity, A3:148
brittle deformation, A3:30
deformation, A5:28–29
depletion, A1:16, 25–26, 34, 41–42, 46–47
dissolution rates, B5:1–38
geochemistry, A1:10–11; A3:33–35; A5:34–36, 38, 148–153; A6:102–105; A7:21–22, 24, 93–96; A9:18–20, 84–89; A10:114–118
geology, A1:78–79
hydration, A3:33
hydrothermal alteration, A1:14
iron oxide vs. magnesium oxide, A3:138
lithologic units, A5:5–9; A7:2–7; A9:2–7
microbiology, B5:1–38
microprobe data, B2:1–13
Mid-Atlantic Ridge, A1:1–139
orthopyroxene, A7:42
osmium isotopes, B1:15–16
photograph, A3:108; A6:55
photomicrograph, A5:91; A6:70; A7:82
physical properties vs. depth, A3:142
plain-polarized light images, B5:16–17
rift valleys, A3:32–33
spreading centers, B1:4–6
spreading rates, B1:30
structures, A1:8–10
thermal conductivity, A3:146; A5:160–161; A6:110; A7:103
trace elements, A3:139
veins, A3:93
vs. depth, A6:54
See also metaperidotite
peridotites, altered
geochemistry, B2:11–13
sulfides, B3:1–18
peridotites, impregnated, trace elements, B1:31
peridotites, poikilitic, photomicrograph, B1:27
peridotites, poikilitic impregnated, forsterite vs. anorthite, B1:28
peridotites, residual, impregnation, B1:7–8
peridotites, Riddle Nickel Mountain, composition, B5:34
peridotites, serpentinized
geochemistry, A6:27–29
remanent magnetization, A1:15
petrography, igneous rocks, B4:3–4
pH, phase equilibria, A6:17
phase equilibria
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system, A3:97
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:17–18, 77
olivine–amphibole–talc assemblage, A6:17–18
serpentine–brucite assemblage, A6:17–18
serpentinization, A6:17–18
sulfides, B3:8–9
phenocrysts. See plagioclase phenocrysts; spinel phenocrysts
photoelectric effect logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
vs. depth, A7:34, 112; A10:148
physical properties
Site 1268, A3:37–41
Site 1270, A5:40–41
Site 1271, A6:32–33
Site 1272, A7:25–28
Site 1274, A9:21–22
Site 1275, A10:27–31
hydrothermal alteration, A6:14
vs. depth, A9:68
altered gabbros, A5:82
deformation, A5:26; A6:20
gabbros, A3:9
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10; A10:12–15
lithologic units, A5:7–9; A6:3–10; A7:4–7; A10:3–10
photograph, A3:87
photomicrograph, A1:99–100; A3:86, 88–89, 100; A4:11; A5:62–66, 71, 112–114, 117–118, 121; A6:47, 59, 61, 84–85; A7:51–54; A9:57–58, 66, 76; A10:72–74, 76–78, 82, 84–85, 91, 94, 102; B1:27
vs. depth, A5:119
See also albite; anorthite
plagioclase, acicular, photomicrograph, A8:8
plagioclase, euhedral, photomicrograph, A5:62
plagioclase, modal, vs. depth, A5:60
plagioclase, resorbed, photomicrograph, A10:73–74
plagioclase, subhedral, photomicrograph, A6:61
plagioclase facies, spreading centers, B1:5–6
plagioclase laths, photomicrograph, A6:59
plagioclase laths, acicular, basalts, A4:3
plagioclase microlites, skeletal, photomicrograph, A7:48
plagioclase phenocrysts
petrology, A8:2
photomicrograph, A10:63
plate tectonics, plate spreading geometry, B1:13–15
plutonic rocks, petrogenesis, A1:42, 47
plutons, gabbroic rocks, B1:15
Pokrovsky and Schott rates, dissolution in culture media, B5:31
igneous rocks, B3:4
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
vs. depth, B3:10
polygonalization, photomicrograph, A9:71
discrete samples, A6:125
igneous rocks, A3:38–41, 162; A5:41, 181; A6:33; A7:27–28, 126; A9:22, 108; A10:29, 161
resistivity logs, A10:39–40
vs. depth, A7:101; A9:90; A10:125–126
porosity logs, vs. depth, A10:147
deformation, A5:28–29
harzburgites, A3:6
orthopyroxene, A6:19
photograph, A3:104–105, 128; A5:69, 136
photomicrograph, A1:114–115; A3:60, 63, 106; A5:56–57, 90–91, 112–114, 121, 130, 137; A6:72, 74, 85–86; A9:45, 70
porphyroclasts, diabase, photomicrograph, A10:103
porphyroclasts, orthopyroxene, photomicrograph, A9:77
porphyroclasts, spinel–pyroxene–olivine, photomicrograph, A9:74
mafic rocks, A7:25
See also sodium + potassium
potassium logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
vs. depth, A7:120; A10:148
potassium oxide
diabase and basalt, A7:23
vs. magnesium oxide, A7:97
vs. water content, A7:98
preferred orientation
foliation, A9:14–15
harzburgites, A7:13
olivine and pyroxene, B1:13
calcium metasomatism, A3:20
photomicrograph, A6:84–85; A9:66
calculated vs. experimental, A1:131
vs. depth, A10:150
vs. temperature, A1:132
See also high pressure
pressure quench, microgabbro, A3:8
pressure shadows
photograph, A3:104–105
photomicrograph, A3:106
protocataclasite, photograph, A7:73
gabbros, A5:18
photomicrograph, A6:73
protomylonites, intensity in cores, A5:111
gabbros, A3:8
hydrothermal alteration, A5:14, 18; B4:3–4
microprobe data, B2:1–13
photograph, A3:107
photomicrograph, A1:89; A3:77–78, 86, 99, 106; A5:105, 118, 130–131; A6:46–47, 81, 86; A9:61; A10:77
serpentinite, A7:7–9
ultramafics, A3:11
hydrothermal alteration, B1:11
igneous rocks, B3:4
microprobe data, B2:4
photograph, A5:101
photomicrograph, A1:89; A3:78; A5:79, 85
veins, A3:14
vs. depth, B3:10
altered gabbros, A5:82
deformation, B1:12–15
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
lithologic units, A10:7–10
microprobe data, B2:1–13
photograph, A3:87, 128; A5:89
photomicrograph, A5:83, 113
preferred orientation, B1:13
stereo plots, A5:120
See also clinopyroxene; orthopyroxene
pyroxene, altered, proportion in harzburgite and dunites, A3:72
pyroxene crystals, photograph, A3:59
photograph, A3:129–130; A5:116
photomicrograph, A5:59
proportions, A1:98
transport, A1:6–12
veins, A3:16–17
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10
igneous rocks, B3:4
iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
serpentinite, A3:11
vs. depth, B3:10


hydrothermal alteration, A6:12–13; A7:9–10
lithologic units, A7:4–7; A10:3–10
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
photograph, A10:80
photomicrograph, A3:89; A7:52–53, 69; A10:80
veins, A6:71
quenching, clinopyroxene, A4:3


rare earths
hydrothermal alteration, B1:9–10
peridotites, B1:17–18
reaction coronas
hydrothermal alteration, A10:13
photograph, A3:87
photomicrograph, A10:85
reaction rims
lithologic units, A6:6–7
photomicrograph, A6:56, 60
reaction zones, photograph, A9:59
deformation, A6:20
lithologic units, A5:4–34; A9:3–7
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photomicrograph, A1:114–115; A3:63–65, 69, 100; A5:57–58, 112, 117–118; A6:72–76, 84–88; A9:45–47, 74, 76
relict minerals
photomicrograph, A9:61, 77; A10:93–95
serpentinite, A7:8–9
remanent magnetization
archive-half data, A5:184–185; A6:127; A7:107, 130–132; A9:31, 112–114, 116; A10:164
continuous measurements, A3:42–43; A6:33–34; A7:28–29; A9:23; A10:31–34
directions, A5:43–45; A6:34–35; A7:29–31; A10:35–36
discrete samples, A5:183; A6:34; A7:29, 129; A9:23–24, 109; A10:34, 162–163
effects of rotation of vectors, A1:95
histograms for archive halves, A1:138
percent remaining after demagnetization, A3:149
peridotites, A1:8–10
serpentinized peridotites, A1:15
vs. depth, A9:96; A10:135–136
remanent magnetization, anhysteretic, anisotropy, A9:24–25, 98, 111
remanent magnetization, characteristic
continuous measurements, A10:31–34
directions, A7:29–31
vs. depth, A7:74, 107
remanent magnetization, characteristic/natural ratio, vs. depth, A7:74, 107; A9:96; A10:135–136
remanent magnetization, natural
continuous measurements, A10:31–34
vs. depth, A3:149; A7:74, 107
remanent magnetization, normalized, decay curves, A5:166
resistivity, contrast of fault zones in Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:117
imagery, A10:38, 142
original and smoothed, A10:143
structures, A10:144
three-dimensional display, A10:145
resistivity logs
porosity, A10:39–40
vs. depth, A7:34, 112; A10:146
vs. gamma-ray logs, A7:120
See also deep resistivity logs; shallow resistivity logs
rift valleys
peridotites, A3:32–33
plate spreading geometry, B1:13–15
rodingitization, hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
rubble zone
alteration, A8:2–3
breccia, A7:12
photograph, A7:72
stereo plots, A7:78
rutile, photomicrograph, A6:52
rutile, euhedral, photomicrograph, A6:61


samarium. See lanthanum/samarium ratio
gabbroic rocks, A10:25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:36, 39; A10:26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:22; A9:18–19
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A3:139; A5:152; A6:105, 107; A7:96; A9:87; A10:122
vs. titanium oxide, A10:123
vs. vanadium, A5:158
schistosity, photomicrograph, A6:73
schists, photomicrograph, A1:114–115
schists, amphibole–chlorite
hydrothermal alteration, A6:15
photomicrograph, A6:73
schists, amphibole–chlorite–serpentine, photomicrograph, A6:74
schists, deformed amphibole–talc, photomicrograph, A5:139
schists, low-temperature, photograph, A6:95
schists, serpentine
foliation, A7:17
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A7:89
photomicrograph, A6:94
schists, serpentine–chlorite
photomicrograph, A6:96
semibrittle shear zones, A6:24
schists, talc–amphibole, photomicrograph, A10:105
schists, talc–chlorite–amphibole, photograph, A10:104
schists, talc–tremolite, hydrothermal alteration, A6:12–13
gabbros, A5:17
photograph, A6:55
photomicrograph, A5:90
seafloor spreading, accretion, B1:30
seawater, artificial
electron donors and acceptors, B5:33
sterile water, B5:32
secondary minerals, vs. depth, A3:90
seismic refraction profiles, velocity models, A1:82
seismic studies, deformation, A1:4
seismic velocity, mantle, A1:85
selvage, photograph, A3:70
hydrothermal alteration, A6:12–13
photomicrograph, A6:67–68, 72, 76
alteration, A8:3
cross-fiber foliation depth vs. intensity, A3:112
foliation dip histograms, A3:110–111
hydrothermal alteration, A5:11–12; A6:11, 14; A9:7–11; B1:8–11
microprobe data, B2:1–13
photograph, A3:121–122; A5:110; A9:61–62; A10:90
photomicrograph, A3:79, 81, 99, 109; A6:75–76; A7:64; A10:95
serpentinite, A7:7–10
shear zones, A6:23–24
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
veins, A5:13–19, 80, 87, 92, 97; A6:65, 71
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
X-ray diffraction data, A6:63; A7:60, 63
X-ray diffraction data in serpentinized harzburgite, A3:73; A5:78–79
See also alpha–serpentine; chrysotile; lizardite
serpentine, granular, photomicrograph, A5:109
serpentine, greenish, photograph, A9:65
serpentine, pleochroic, photomicrograph, A1:89; A3:61, 78
serpentine, schistose, photomicrograph, A5:109
serpentine–brucite assemblage, phase equilibria, A6:17–18
serpentine matrix, photograph, A5:108
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A7:7–10
photomicrograph, A5:109
semibrittle shear zones, A6:24–25
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
ultramafics, A3:11
serpentinite, altered
photograph, A3:77
photomicrograph, A3:77, 80
serpentinite, fibrous, photograph, A3:117
serpentinite, sheared, harzburgites and dunites, A5:23
serpentinite, talc-altered, photograph, A1:87
dunites, A6:64
harzburgites, A3:6
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12–20; A6:12–14; A9:8–11; B1:9–10
lithologic units, A7:2–4; A9:5–7
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mineral chemistry, B4:4–5
peridotites, A1:49
phase equilibria, A6:17–18
photograph, A3:108
photomicrograph, A3:81; A5:89; A6:70, 76
ultramafics, A3:11
vein alteration, A3:27–28
veins, A3:17
serpentinization, multistage, deformation, A5:18–19
serpentinization, syndeformational, hydrothermal alteration, A6:17
shallow resistivity logs, vs. depth, A10:147
shear fractures, anastomosing, photomicrograph, A10:105
shear wave velocity logs, vs. depth, A10:148
shear zones
brown amphibole veins, A5:19–20
deformation, A9:16–17
deformation timing, A5:20
gabbros, A3:9
lithologic units, A3:4
orientation, A3:31–32
photograph, A5:115; A10:104
photomicrograph, A6:73–74, 87
plate spreading geometry, B1:13–15
schistose mat serpentine, A5:23
shear zones, anastomosing, photomicrograph, A5:90
shear zones, brittle
dip vs. depth, A10:107
orientation, A5:27
photograph, A5:142
photomicrograph, A5:122
stereo plots, A5:132, 143–144; A6:101
thickness, A5:147
shear zones, brittle and ductile, recovery and boundaries, A6:78
shear zones, cataclastic
dip histograms, A3:115
dip vs. depth, A3:116
igneous rocks, A3:26
stereo plots, A3:135; A9:81
shear zones, ductile
photograph, A3:104
structures, B1:12–15
shear zones, gabbroic, photomicrograph, A5:99
shear zones, mylonitic
alteration, A3:11–12
structures, B1:12–15
shear zones, reverse, mylonites, A3:33
shear zones, semibrittle
gabbroic rocks, A10:19
metamorphic facies, A6:23–24
photomicrograph, A6:96
shear zones, serpentine, photomicrograph, A5:109
shear zones, talc-bearing, genesis, A5:20
shipboard geophysics, deformation, A1:4–5
gabbroic rocks, A3:140
gabbros, A6:30
hydrothermal alteration, B1:9
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
igneous rocks, A5:35–39
metasomatism, A3:18–20
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28; A7:21
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A10:114
vs. chromium, A5:156
vs. magnesium number, A1:88, 103, 118; A10:114
vs. magnesium oxide, A5:148, 154; A6:102; A7:93; A9:84; B2:9
vs. magnesium + iron, B2:6, 8, 9
vs. major oxides, A3:137; A5:154
vs. sodium + potassium, B4:18
vs. titanium oxide, A5:156
vs. water content, A6:106; A10:114
See also aluminum oxide/silica ratio; magnesium oxide/silica ratio
silicates, calcium, hydrothermal alteration, A5:15
dissolution in culture media, B5:19
dissolution in peridotites, B5:6–10
See also magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system
silicon, dissolved
amount through time for two cultures, B5:36
average amount, B5:27
average amount through time, B5:29–30
Site 1268, A3:1–171
bathymetry, A3:53–56
coring summary, A3:155
downhole measurements, A3:48
geochemistry, A3:33–37, 159–160
highly depleted mantle peridotites, A1:16
hydrothermal alteration, A1:18–20
igneous and mantle petrology, A3:3–10
igneous rock proportion, A1:15–16
lithology and stratigraphy, A3:57
location, A3:53–56
metamorphic petrology, A3:10–20
microbiology, A1:23; A3:47–48
microprobe data of primary phases and alteration products, B2:1–13
operations, A3:1–3
paleomagnetism, A3:41–47
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:21–23
petrogenesis of intrusive gabbronorites, A1:16–18
physical properties, A3:37–41
site description, A3:1–171
site summary, A1:15–23
structural geology, A1:20–21; A3:20–33
sulfide mineralization, B3:1–18
thermal conductivity, A3:161
vein mineralogy, A3:157
X-ray diffraction data, A3:156
Site 1269, A4:1–15
bathymetry, A4:7–9
coring summary, A4:14
igneous and metamorphic petrology, A4:2–4
location, A4:8
microbiology, A4:4–5
microbiology data for mud, A4:15
operations summary, A4:1–2
site description, A4:1–15
summary, A1:23–24
Site 1270, A5:1–188
bathymetry, A5:50–52
coring summary, A5:173–174
geochemistry, A5:34–39
highly depleted mantle peridotites, A1:25–26
hydrothermal alteration, A1:26–28
igneous and mantle petrology, A5:3–20
igneous rock proportion, A1:24–25
location, A5:51
microbiology, A5:45–46
operations summary, A5:1–3
paleomagnetism, A5:41–45
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:30–33
physical properties, A5:40–41
site description, A5:1–188
structural geology, A1:28–30; A5:21–34
summary, A1:24–33
Site 1271, A6:1–129
bathymetry, A6:41–43
chromitites of mid-ocean ridges, A1:35–36
coring summary, A6:119
downhole measurements, A6:36–37
dunite origin, A1:34–35
geochemistry, A6:27–31
highly depleted mantle peridotites, A1:34
hybridization of dunites and gabbroic rocks, B4:1–23
hydrothermal alteration, A1:37–38
igneous and mantle petrology, A6:2–9
intrusive rock petrogenesis, A1:36–37
location, A6:42
metamorphic petrology, A6:9–18
microbiology, A6:35–36
operations summary, A6:1–2
paleomagnetism, A6:33–35
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:39
physical properties, A6:32–33
proportion of igneous rocks, A1:33–34
site description, A6:1–129
structural geology, A1:38–39; A6:18–27
summary, A1:33–39
Site 1272, A7:1–134
bathymetry, A7:39–41
bulk density and caliper logs, A7:128
caliper logs summary, A7:127
coring summary, A7:121
downhole measurements, A7:32–36
geochemistry, A7:20–25
highly depleted mantle peridotites, A1:41–42
hydrothermal alteration, A1:42–43
igneous and mantle petrology, A7:2–7
igneous rock proportion, A1:40–41
location, A7:40
metamorphic petrology, A7:7–11
microbiology, A7:31–32
microprobe data of primary phases and alteration products, B2:1–13
operations summary, A7:1–2
paleomagnetism, A7:28–31
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:44
petrogenesis of plutonic rocks, A1:42
physical properties, A7:25–28
site description, A7:1–134
structural geology, A1:43–44; A7:11–20
summary, A1:39–44
X-ray diffraction data, A7:122
Site 1273, A8:1–10
bathymetry, A8:5–7
coring summary, A8:10
igneous and mantle petrology, A8:2–3
location, A8:6
operations, A8:1–2
site description, A8:1–10
summary, A1:45
Site 1274, A9:1–116
bathymetry, A9:32–34
coring summary, A9:102
downhole measurements, A9:27
geochemistry, A9:17–20
highly depleted mantle peridotites, A1:46–47
hydrothermal alteration, A1:47–50
igneous and mantle petrology, A9:2–7
igneous rock proportion, A1:46
location, A9:33
metamorphic petrology, A9:7–11
microbiology, A9:25–27
microprobe data of primary phases and alteration products, B2:1–13
operations, A9:1
paleomagnetism, A9:22–25
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:52–53
physical properties, A9:21–22
plutonic rock petrogenesis, A1:47
site description, A9:1–116
structural geology, A1:51–52; A9:12–17
summary, A1:45–53
X-ray diffraction data, A9:103
Site 1275, A10:1–167
bathymetry, A10:45–47
coring summary, A10:154–155
downhole measurements, A10:37–41
gabbroic rock petrogenesis, A1:59–61
geochemistry, A10:22–27
hydrothermal alteration, A1:61–62
igneous and mantle petrology, A10:3–10
location, A10:46
metamorphic petrology, A10:10–17
microbiology, A10:36–37
operations summary, A10:1–3
paleomagnetism, A10:31–36
paleomagnetism and tectonics, A1:63–65
physical properties, A10:27–31
site description, A10:1–167
structural geology, A1:62–63; A10:17–22
summary, A1:56–65
X-ray diffraction data, A10:156
slow-spreading ridges, crust, A1:6
hydrothermal alteration, A5:15
See also chlorite/smectite
sodium + potassium, vs. silica, B4:18
sodium oxide
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbros, A6:30
mantle sources, A1:81
peridotites, A7:22
vs. magnesium oxide, A7:97
sonic velocity logs, igneous rocks, A10:40
sphalerite, igneous rocks, B3:5
spherulites, lithologic units, A7:4
alteration, A8:3
chromium–aluminum–magnesium–iron system, B4:14
chromium number, B4:4, 6
composition, B4:21
composition vs. depth, B4:19
deformation, B1:12–15
dunites, A3:7
fabric, A6:22
foliation, A5:32; A6:19
foliation orientation, A3:132
foliation photograph, A3:133
harzburgites, A3:6; A7:14–15
hydrothermal alteration, B4:3–4
lithologic units, A5:5; A6:3–10; A7:5–6; A9:3–7; A10:7–10
mantle sources, A1:81
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mineral chemistry, B4:4–5
orthopyroxenite, A3:7–8
photograph, A6:82, 92; B4:12
photomicrograph, A3:65, 67, 69, 77; A5:58, 68; A6:56–57, 81; A7:59; A9:42–43, 47–50, 55, 74; B1:27
vs. depth, B4:5, 20
spinel, chrome
lithologic units, A6:8
photograph, A6:51
spinel, red–brown, photomicrograph, A8:9
spinel, vermicular
photomicrograph, A5:70, 145; A6:69, 81
textures, A5:32
spinel lherzolite facies, spreading centers, B1:5–6
spinel phenocrysts, photomicrograph, A4:11
spinel shape
distribution in dunites and harzburgites, A9:53
vs. depth in dunites and harzburgites, A9:52
spinel textures
lithologic units, A9:5
variations in dunites and harzburgites, A9:54
spreading rates
igneous rocks, B1:30
mantle upwelling, A1:7–8
plate tectonics, B1:14–15
See also slow-spreading ridges
localization, A3:30
localization in oxide gabbronorites, A5:26
stratigraphy, lithologic units, A3:4–5
stringers, serpentine–magnetite, alteration, A7:8–9
diabase and basalt, A7:24
gabbroic rocks, A10:25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A10:27
peridotites, A7:22
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:151
vs. carbon dioxide, A1:125
vs. zirconium, A7:100
strontium isotopes, mantle sources, A1:81
structural geology
Site 1268, A1:20–21; A3:20–33
Site 1270, A1:28–30; A5:21–34
Site 1271, A1:38–39; A6:18–27
Site 1272, A1:43–44; A7:11–20
Site 1274, A1:51–52; A9:12–17
Site 1275, A1:62–63; A10:17–22
deformation, B1:11–15
orientation, A3:31–32
peridotites, A1:8–10
resistivity-at-the-bit, A10:144
See also microstructures
structures, brittle, dip vs. expanded depth, A5:125
structures, variolitic, petrology, A8:2
submersible studies, deformation, A1:4
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10–11
microprobe data, B2:1–13
mineralization, B3:1–18
osmium isotopes, B1:15–16
phase equilibria, B3:8–9
sulfur–iron–nickel system, B3:8–9
veins, A5:97
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
hydrothermal alteration, B1:10–11
peridotites, A6:28
sulfides, B3:4–5
vs. iron, B2:9
vs. nickel, B2:9
See also iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system
lithologic units, A9:4–7
photomicrograph, A1:122; A9:42–43
symplectite, clinopyroxene–spinel, photomicrograph, A1:122; A9:44, 55


taenite, iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
alteration veins, A3:17
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12; A6:10; A9:7–11; A10:13–17; B1:8–11
hydrothermal reactions, A9:11
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
microprobe data, B2:1–13
photograph, A3:85; A5:86, 123; A10:90
photomicrograph, A1:89; A3:77–78, 80, 82; A5:85, 118, 137; A6:69, 87; A7:66, 68; A10:85, 92, 94
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
ultramafics, A3:11
veins, A5:80, 87, 92, 97; A6:65, 71
volume percentage in veins, A3:92
X-ray diffraction data in serpentinized harzburgite, A3:76
See also olivine–amphibole–talc assemblage
talc, layered schistose, photomicrograph, A10:105
talc, massive nonpseudomorphic, photomicrograph, A3:61, 78, 94
talus, lithologic units, A7:3–4
talus pile, lithologic units, A7:2–3
mantle, B1:11–15
paleomagnetism, A1:21–23, 30–33, 39, 44, 52–53, 63–65
igneous rocks, A10:41
mantle, A1:13–14
ocean bottom water, A9:27, 101
vs. depth, A10:150
vs. pressure, A1:132
vs. time, A3:154
temperature logs, anomalies, A3:48
tension gashes, photograph, A3:121–122
greenschist facies, A5:139
harzburgites, A7:5–6
mafic rocks, A7:2–8, 43
photomicrograph, A1:99–100
See also deformation textures; intergrowths; microtextures
textures, anastomosing
photograph, A9:78
veins, A3:17–18
textures, anhedral, photomicrograph, A3:61–62
textures, coronitic, photomicrograph, A10:85
textures, deformation, photomicrograph, A5:130–131; A9:74, 76–77
textures, equant, variations in dunites and harzburgites, A9:54
textures, felty, lithologic units, A7:3
textures, fibrous, photomicrograph, A6:74
textures, high-temperature, photomicrograph, A7:82; A9:70
textures, high-temperature crystal-plastic, serpentine, A5:21–22
textures, hourglass
photomicrograph, A3:74
ultramafics, A3:11
textures, igneous, photomicrograph, A5:62
textures, impregnation
digital images, A6:88–89
photograph, A6:91–92
textures, intergranular
basalts, A4:3
lithologic units, A6:5–6
petrology, A8:2
textures, interlocking
photomicrograph, A3:75; A6:75
serpentinite, A7:8–9
textures, intersertal, basalts, A4:3
textures, interstitial, photomicrograph, A3:61–62, 66
textures, magmatic
impregnation, A6:21–22
photomicrograph, A1:99–100
textures, mesh
gabbros, A5:17
hydrothermal alteration, A6:12–13; A9:8–11
photomicrograph, A3:77; A5:109; A6:70; A7:64; A9:61–62, 78; A10:94
serpentinite, A7:7–9
silica metasomatism, A3:19
ultramafics, A3:11
textures, microcrystalline
basalts, A4:3
petrology, A8:2
textures, mylonitic
lithologic units, A5:9; A9:2–3
photomicrograph, A5:71–72
textures, ophitic, photomicrograph, A5:66
textures, paragranular, hydrothermal alteration, A5:15
textures, pegmatitic, photograph, A3:71
textures, poikilitic, lithologic units, A10:10
textures, polygonal, photomicrograph, A3:100
textures, "popcorn," photograph, A5:104
textures, porphyroclastic
igneous rocks, A3:21–22
photograph, A3:129
photomicrograph, A3:64
textures, protogranular
alteration, A8:3
deformation, A5:21–22; A9:12
harzburgites, A3:6; A7:14–15
igneous rocks, A3:21
lithologic units, A5:5–9; A6:5; A7:5; A9:6–7
photograph, A5:104; A7:80
photomicrograph, A3:64, 99–101; A5:105, 145; A7:82; A9:42–43, 69
textures, protogranular porphyroclastic, lithologic units, A5:4
textures, protointergranular
igneous rocks, A3:21
photograph, A3:102
photomicrograph, A3:99–100; A6:81; A7:82
textures, pyroxenite, photograph, A3:101
textures, quench, photomicrograph, A7:48
textures, ribbon
hydrothermal alteration, A5:15, 18; A6:12–13; A9:8–11
photomicrograph, A3:79, 109; A7:61; A9:77
ultramafics, A3:11
textures, serrate, photomicrograph, A3:81
textures, spinnifex-like, photomicrograph, A7:48
textures, strain, distribution and orientation, A10:22
textures, symplectic, residual peridotites, B1:7–8
textures, transgranular, photograph, A6:63
textures, vermicular, variations in dunites and harzburgites, A9:54
thermal boundary layer, plate tectonics, B1:14–15
thermal conductivity
apparent anisotropy, A5:161–162, 180; A6:111; A7:104
histograms, A6:110; A7:103
igneous rocks, A3:38, 161; A5:40–41, 179; A6:32, 124; A7:26, 125; A9:21–22, 107; A10:28–29, 130, 160
peridotites, A9:92
peridotites and gabbros, A3:146; A5:160
vs. angle of the needle probe with core axis, A5:162
vs. bulk density, A7:105; A9:94
vs. depth, A3:142; A7:101; A9:90; A10:125–126
thermal conductivity, mean, vs. bulk density, A10:132
thermal conductivity anisotropy
igneous rocks, A10:131
peridotites, A9:93
igneous rocks, B1:4–6
See also P–T conditions
thorium, peridotites, B1:17–18
thorium/lead ratio, peridotites, B1:17–18
thorium logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
vs. depth, A7:120; A10:148
hydrothermal alteration, A10:14–17
photograph, A10:80
photomicrograph, A10:78
X-ray diffraction data, A10:80
peridotites, A3:34
See also iron/titanium ratio
titanium/vanadium ratio, igneous rocks, A10:26
titanium oxide
amphibole, spinel, B4:5
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24
gabbros, A6:30–31
igneous rocks, A5:36–39; A10:26
peridotites, A3:34–35; A6:29; A7:22; A9:18–20
vs. aluminum oxide, A5:152; A6:105; A7:96; A9:88; A10:118
vs. chromium number, B4:15
vs. depth, B4:5, 19–20
vs. iron number, B4:16
vs. iron oxide, A5:155; A10:120
vs. magnesium oxide, A6:108; A7:97
vs. scandium, A10:123
vs. silica, A5:156
vs. vanadium, A5:157; A10:121
vs. zirconium, A5:157
See also iron–titanium oxides
titanomagnetite, vs. depth, A5:119
total spectral gamma ray logs, vs. depth, A10:148
trace elements
alteration, A3:36–37
gabbros, A3:35–36
igneous rocks, A3:159–160; A5:34–39, 177–178; A6:122; A7:124; A9:106; A10:158–159
mineral separates, A6:123
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:22; A9:18–19; B1:16–18
residual harzburgites, B1:31
transform edge effect, peridotites, A1:10–11
transport, melts, A1:6–12
alteration, A8:3
calcium metasomatism, A3:20
hydrothermal alteration, A5:15; A9:7–11
magnesium–calcium–silicon–oxygen–hydrogen system, A6:77
photograph, A6:93
photomicrograph, A6:81
silica metasomatism, A3:18–20
tremolite, acicular–prismatic, hydrothermal alteration, A6:13
geochemistry, A10:22–23, 114–118
hydrothermal alteration, A6:15–16; A10:11–17
lithologic units, A6:4, 6–7; A10:4–10
metasomatism, A1:61
petrography, B4:3
photograph, A1:130; A6:55, 82; A10:50, 85, 93, 109
photomicrograph, A10:85, 93
physical properties, A10:125–126
stereo plots, A10:113
thermal conductivity, A6:110; A7:103
troctolites, altered
photograph, A10:90, 95
photomicrograph, A10:95
geochemistry, A10:119–124
lithologic units, A10:3–10
twinning. See deformation twins
twinning, clinopyroxene, photomicrograph, A9:50
twinning, plagioclase, photomicrograph, A9:58, 76; A10:63


alteration, A3:11, 23
demagnetization, A3:150
hydrothermal alteration, A7:7–9
lithologic units, A5:9
median destructive field, A3:151
photograph, A3:58
X-ray diffraction data, A9:103
intensity histograms, A10:100
intensity in cores, A5:111
ultramylonites, pseudomorphed, photograph, A3:107
uplifts, plate spreading geometry, B1:13–15
upwelling, mantle, A1:6–12
peridotites, B1:17–18
residual harzburgites, B1:32
uranium/lead ratio, peridotites, B1:17–18
uranium logs
igneous rocks, A10:40
vs. depth, A7:120; A10:148


vaesite, iron–nickel–sulfur–oxygen system phase equilibria, A3:97
gabbroic rocks, A10:25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:37, 39; A10:26
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:22; A9:18–19
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A3:139; A5:152; A6:104, 107; A7:96; A9:87; A10:118
vs. scandium, A5:158
vs. titanium oxide, A5:157; A10:121
See also titanium/vanadium ratio
vein connectivity, histograms, A3:93
vein connectivity, branched, histograms, A3:93
vein connectivity, network, histograms, A3:93
vein connectivity, nonbranched, histograms, A3:93
vein connectivity, occasionally branched, histograms, A3:93
vein connectivity, single, histograms, A3:93
vein shape, irregular, histograms, A3:93
vein shape, kinked, histograms, A3:93
vein shape, sigmoidal, histograms, A3:93
vein shape, straight, histograms, A3:93
vein structure, banded, histograms, A3:93
vein structure, composite, histograms, A3:93
vein structure, mixed, histograms, A3:93
vein structure, uniform, histograms, A3:93
vein texture, histograms, A3:93
vein texture, cross-fiber, histograms, A3:93
vein texture, massive, histograms, A3:93
vein texture, mixed, histograms, A3:93
vein texture, slip-fiber, histograms, A3:93
veinlets, amphibole, photomicrograph, A10:89
veinlets, carbonate, photomicrograph, A10:95
veinlets, chrysotile, photomicrograph, A9:61
veinlets, serpentine–magnetite, photomicrograph, A9:61
veinlets, talc–pyrite, photomicrograph, A3:79
composition, A5:80, 87, 92, 97; A6:65, 71; A7:71
density, A3:32–33
Formation MicroScanner imagery, A10:153
gabbros, A3:16
harzburgites and dunites, A3:13–16
hydrothermal alteration, A9:8–11
intensity vs. depth, A3:124
mineralogy, A3:157; A5:176; A6:121; A7:123; A9:67, 104; A10:86, 97
mineralogy vs. depth, A7:70; A10:87, 98
photograph, A3:95, 129
photomicrograph, A3:94
pyroxenites, A3:16–17, 157
serpentinization, A3:17
shape histograms, A3:93
structure histograms, A3:93
talc alteration, A3:17
talc-altered lithologies, A3:16–17
timing and conditions of alteration, A3:17–18
timing of events, A3:96
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
See also microveins
veins, alteration
deformation, A6:25–26
description, A7:10–11
dip histograms, A3:125
dip vs. depth, A3:126; A5:27–28, 126; A7:85; A10:111
distribution and orientation, A10:20–21
gabbroic rocks, A3:27–28
gabbros, A5:27–28
generations, A9:15–16
harzburgites and dunites, A5:23, 31–32
igneous rocks, A7:16–17
intensity vs. depth, A6:98–99; A7:84; A9:72; A10:106, 108
orientation, A6:26
orientation with magnetic declination, A3:136
photograph, A6:45, 93; A7:83; A9:78–79; A10:109
stereo plots, A5:127, 132, 143–144
vs. depth, A3:124, 140; A5:124, 140
veins, amphibole
lithologic units, A5:4
photograph, A10:88–89
photomicrograph, A6:85; A10:89
veins, amphibole ultramafic, photomicrograph, A5:55
veins, anastomosing
deformation, A6:25–26
hydrothermal alteration, A6:13
veins, aragonite
deformation, A6:25–26
generations, A9:10–11
hydrothermal alteration, A6:14
photograph, A5:100; A9:64
veins, bastite, photomicrograph, A3:94
veins, black–green serpentine, dip vs. depth, A7:85
veins, brown amphibole, genesis, A5:19–20
veins, brown clay–carbonate, photograph, A10:110
veins, brown clay–iron oxyhydroxide–carbonate, photograph, A10:110
veins, carbonate
composition, A5:92
deformation, A6:25–26
dip vs. depth, A6:100; A9:80
generations, A9:10–11
genesis, A5:20
harzburgites and dunites, A5:17
photograph, A10:109
photomicrograph, A5:93
veins, carbonate–iron oxyhydroxide, photograph, A10:109
veins, chalcopyrite, photograph, A5:88
veins, chlorite
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
vs. depth, A3:91
veins, chlorite-rich, alteration, A3:16
veins, chrysotile
dip vs. depth, A7:85
generations, A9:9–11
harzburgites and dunites, A5:16–17
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
photograph, A6:93; A9:78–79
photomicrograph, A3:81, 94; A5:79, 90, 99
serpentinite, A3:11
veins, chrysotile–magnetite
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
photomicrograph, A3:75
veins, composite green/black serpentine
dip vs. depth, A6:100
stereo plots, A6:101
veins, composite serpentine, photograph, A7:83
veins, crosscutting, photograph, A3:95
veins, crosscutting alteration, photograph, A10:110
veins, crosscutting magmatic, photograph, A10:109
veins, crosscutting serpentine, photograph, A7:83
veins, felsic
hydrothermal alteration, A10:13–15
photograph, A10:91, 93, 110
photomicrograph, A10:93
veins, folded, photograph, A5:90
veins, gabbroic
alteration, A3:12–13
digital images, A6:89
photograph, A3:122; A5:90, 107, 134–136, 142
photomicrograph, A6:84, 94
veins, ghost
photograph, A3:95
photomicrograph, A3:94
veins, granophyre
photomicrograph, A10:77–78
stereo plots, A10:112–113
veins, green amphibole–chlorite, photograph, A10:110
veins, green picrolite serpentine, photograph, A6:93
veins, hematite, harzburgites and dunites, A5:16–17
veins, iron oxyhydroxide, genesis, A5:20
veins, lizardite
alteration, A3:27–28
photograph, A3:121, 127
veins, magmatic
deformation, A6:20
dip vs. depth, A3:131
early series, A3:28–29
gabbroic intrusions, A3:29–30
intensity vs. depth, A3:123
orientation, A3:132; A6:22, 83
photograph, A3:101, 121; A10:109
pyroxenite and gabbro, A5:22, 29–30
stereo plots, A5:132
veins, magnetite
photomicrograph, A3:74
textures, A5:21–22
veins, massive sulfide
alteration, A3:13–14
dip histograms, A3:125
dip vs. depth, A3:126
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
veins, massive talc
alteration, A3:14–15
dip histograms, A3:125
dip vs. depth, A3:126
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
veins, metamorphic
alteration, A3:13–18
composition, A9:9–11
gabbros, A5:17
harzburgites and dunites, A5:16–17
hydrothermal alteration, A5:13–19; A6:11, 14; A10:13–15
photomicrograph, A5:84
vs. depth, A3:91
veins, mylonite gabbro, photomicrograph, A5:130
veins, mylonitic gabbroic/pyroxenitic, thin section image, A5:133
veins, oxide
deformation, A6:25–26
photograph, A6:93
vs. depth, A3:91
veins, paragranular and transgranular chrysotile, vs. depth, A9:68
veins, paragranular serpentine, vs. transgranular serpentine veins, A5:102
veins, picrolite
hydrothermal alteration, A6:14
photograph, A9:78–79; A10:109
veins, postkinematic pyroxenite, photograph, A3:105
veins, postkinematic serpentine, photograph, A3:105
veins, pyrite–hematite
photograph, A3:95
photomicrograph, A3:94
veins, pyroxenite
digital images, A6:89
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
photograph, A3:104, 130; A5:134–136
photomicrograph, A5:59
veins, serpentine
alteration, A3:15
dip histograms, A3:125
dip vs. depth, A3:126
generations, A9:9–11
harzburgites and dunites, A5:16–17
photograph, A3:95; A5:98, 100, 110, 136, 142; A6:93
photomicrograph, A3:81; A5:93, 99, 131; A9:77
stereo plots, A7:86
talc alteration, A3:16
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
veins, serpentine–magnetite
description, A7:10–11
dip vs. depth, A6:100; A9:80
generations, A9:9–11
photograph, A6:63, 93; A7:83; A9:79
photomicrograph, A3:74–75
stereo plots, A6:101
veins, serpentine–sulfide, photograph, A3:117
veins, sigmoidal fibrous chrysotile, description, A7:10–11
veins, sulfides
photograph, A5:101
vs. depth, A3:91
veins, talc
alteration, A3:16
hydrothermal alteration, A5:13
photograph, A5:88
photomicrograph, A3:81, 94; A10:95
veins, talc–chlorite, hydrothermal alteration, A5:14
veins, talc–pyrite
alteration, A3:14
dip vs. depth, A3:126
photograph, A3:95
photomicrograph, A3:75
volume percentage of minerals, A3:92
veins, talc–serpentine
dip vs. depth, A7:85
hydrothermal alteration, A5:12
photograph, A3:70, 83, 101, 130
vs. depth, A3:91
veins, transgranular, generations, A9:9–11
veins, transgranular serpentine, vs. paragranular serpentine veins, A5:102
veins, vuggy aragonite, description, A7:11
cube samples, A3:163
discrete samples, A6:125
igneous rocks, A3:162; A5:41, 181–182; A6:33; A7:27–28, 126; A9:22, 108; A10:29–30, 161
See also compressional wave velocity; seismic velocity
velocity logs
vs. depth, A7:34, 112; A10:148
See also compressional wave velocity logs; shear wave velocity logs; sonic velocity logs
velocity models, seismic refraction profiles, A1:82
imagery, A4:12
petrology, A8:2
population density vs. diameter, A4:13
size distribution, A4:3–4
viruses, bottom water, A3:170
volatiles, alteration, A3:36–37
volcanic glass
geochemistry, A1:88, 103
photomicrograph, A4:11
See also glass rinds
volcanic glass, basaltic, photomicrograph, A8:8
volcanic glass, devitrified, lithologic units, A7:3


water, iowaite, A7:9
water content
alteration, A3:36
diabase and basalt, A7:23
gabbroic rocks, A10:24
gabbros, A3:35
igneous rocks, A5:35
peridotites, A3:34; A6:28; A7:21
troctolites, A10:23
vs. magnesium oxide, A5:148; A9:84
vs. magnetic susceptibility, A3:141
vs. potassium oxide, A7:98
vs. silica, A3:137; A5:154; A6:106; A10:114
water, sterile, artificial seawater recipe, B5:32
hydrothermal alteration, A6:10
igneous rocks, A5:35
photograph, A5:89, 95
photomicrograph, A9:74
weathering rinds, lithologic units, A7:2–3
weathering stains, joints, A7:12
wehrlites, lithologic units, A10:4–10
wireline logging, well-logging, A10:38–39


X-ray diffraction data
igneous rocks, A3:156; A6:120; A10:156
mineralogy, A5:175
vein mineralogy, A7:122
lithologic units, A6:6–7
photograph, A6:55, 82
lithologic units, A6:4
photograph, A6:55, 60, 82
photomicrograph, A6:60


gabbroic rocks, A10:25
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:39; A10:27
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29
troctolites, A10:23
vs. zirconium, A5:158; A10:124
See also zirconium/yttrium ratio


inclusions, A10:13
veins, A6:65
igneous rocks, A10:27
lithologic units, A5:9
photomicrograph, A1:104; A5:76–77
provenance, B1:18
diabase and basalt, A7:24
gabbroic rocks, A10:25; B1:7
gabbros, A6:30
igneous rocks, A5:37, 39; A10:27
peridotites, A3:34; A6:29; A7:22; A9:18–19
troctolites, A10:23
vs. aluminum oxide, A3:139; A5:152; A6:105; A7:96; A9:88; A10:118
vs. magnesium number, A1:118, 137; B1:29
vs. magnesium oxide, A7:100
vs. strontium, A7:100
vs. titanium oxide, A5:157
vs. yttrium, A5:158; A10:124
zirconium/yttrium ratio, igneous rocks, A10:27
photomicrograph, A9:66
See also clinozoisite