Figure F161. A. MAD porosity vs. depth. Best-fit (Athy's law) porosity vs. depth for the general lithologies recovered at Site 1276 (except carbonate/siderite concretions, well-lithified carbonate-cemented sandstones, and those sediments that are hornfels) are shown in blue. Lithologic symbols are defined in Figure F160. B. A schematic lithologic column, x-direction velocity, porosity, and methane (C1) cross plots vs. depth for the lowermost 50 m of Site 1276 (1675-1725 mbsf). Right-hand border on lithologic column = relative degree of compaction. Black circles = shipboard measurements. Dashed red lines = best-fit lines for each respective data set. Mudst. = mudstone, calc. = calcareous.