5. Data Report: Marine Geophysical Data on the Newfoundland Nonvolcanic Rifted Margin around SCREECH Transect 21

Donna J. Shillington,2, 3 W. Steven Holbrook,3 Brian E. Tucholke,4 John R. Hopper,5 Keith E. Louden,6 Hans Christian Larsen,7 Harm J.A. Van Avendonk,8 Sharon Deemer,9 and Jeremy Hall9


Marine geophysical data collected from the eastern Grand Banks across the Newfoundland Basin during the summer of 2000 comprise a grid of seismic, magnetic, gravity, and multibeam bathymetric data around Sites 1276 and 1277. Multichannel seismic reflection profiles image the sedimentary and crustal structure of the Newfoundland nonvolcanic rifted margin. This report presents prestack time-migrated seismic reflection profiles together with the coincident magnetic and gravity data collected during the site survey.

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2Southampton Oceaongraphy Centre, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH, United Kingdom. Correspondence author: djshill@soc.soton.ac.uk 
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MS 210IR-105