Updated March 2006

The ODP/IODP Bibliography consists of references cited in the ODP and IODP Proceedings, and has been continuously compiled since 1988.

Download compiled bibliography (PDF).

References have been edited for consistency of format according to ODP style. Abbreviations for names of organizations and publications follow the style used in Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (published by the American Chemical Society).

ODP bibliographers rely on contributors to provide accurate publication data. We generally do not verify reference entries by consulting an independent source. However, in the case of conflicting or incomplete information, we may attempt to verify a reference. Reference entries followed by a [*] have been verified in another source (primarily GEOREF, or, in the case of DSDP/ODP citations, the actual volume). A date in brackets following an entry indicates an unsuccessful attempt was made to verify the reference on that date.

Alphabetization style used is letter-by-letter as described in §17.97 of the Chicago Manual of Style (14th ed.). Works having identical authorship appear in chronological order, from earliest to latest.

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