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Cumulative Index
to the Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program

The Cumulative Index to the Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) covers over 22 years of scientific material, encompassing a wide variety of marine geoscience subdisciplines. This index consolidates the entries from all published ODP Proceedings indexes and comprises four separate indexes, reflecting the interwoven nature of the marine geoscience subdisciplines: subject, taxonomic, geographic/site, and author.


The Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program comprises two series. The Initial Reports series includes 119 volumes, averaging approximately 970 pages each, and the Scientific Results series includes 112 volumes, averaging approximately 540 pages each. These volumes were the combined effort of hundreds of authors from a wide variety of geoscience disciplines, theoretical persuasions, and nationalities. They report the results of ODP investigations over the Program’s 18-year period of operation (1985–2003), a time of extensive changes in marine geoscience. ODP was involved in developing paradigms for global processes such as plate tectonics, climate variability, methane hydrate formation, deep biosphere microbiology, oceanic crust recycling, mass extinction events, and tectonic events such as volcanism, earthquakes, and tsunamis. The complexity of creating a comprehensive index covering such a topical scope was increased by the rapid growth of the marine geoscience field.

Volumes 101 through 130 were indexed by DBA, Inc., under subcontract to the Ocean Drilling Program. Volumes 131 through 210 were indexed by Earth Systems, under subcontract to the Ocean Drilling Program. The cumulative subject, taxonomic, and geographic/site indexes were also initially prepared by Earth Systems. The author index was prepared by ODP Publications Specialist M. Kathleen Phillips.


The index was created as a research aid for the marine geoscientist. Guidelines for the selection of entries were based upon the needs of a scientist doing M.S. or Ph.D. thesis research. Thus, deriving maximum benefit from the index requires a general level of familiarity with marine geological features and process terminology and a more than general level of knowledge in the subdiscipline concerned. As a scientist’s research aid, the index does not trace the history of ODP nor the many technological innovations that came from it.

The Cumulative Index covers volume text, figures, and tables but not core description forms, core photographs, smear slide data, or thin section descriptions. Also excluded are bibliographic references, names of individuals, and routine front matter.

The Cumulative Index is in four parts: (1) the Subject Index, (2) the Taxonomic Index, (3) the Geographic/Site Index, and (4) the Author Index.

Explanation and Use

Subject and Geographic/Site Indexes

The Subject Index follows a standard format. Geographic, geologic, and other terms are referenced only if they are subjects of discussion. All references to geographic names, both of surface and undersea features, were included in the Geographic/Site Index even if mentioned merely in passing. In deciding whether to include other topics, indexers were guided both by keyword lists prepared by scientists and standard indexing rules.

Users should be aware that editing for consistency within primary entries was heavy. Thus, among subentries under a given main head, users may find, side by side but from different volumes, magnetostratigraphy and magnetic stratigraphy. Variant forms may appear as subentries under the same entry; for example, interstitial water studies may appear as pore water chemistry.

Taxonomic Index

The Taxonomic Index includes significant findings and/or substantive discussions, not every mention of species names. This index covers three varieties of information: (1) individual genera and species that have been erected or amended formally, (2) biostratigraphic zones, and (3) fossils depicted in illustrations. Taxonomic entries consisting of both genus and species are listed alphabetically by genus and also by species. Biostratigraphic zones are listed alphabetically by genus; zones with letter prefixes are listed under “zones.”

Author Index

The author index lists primary and co-authors for every chapter in the ODP Initial Reports and Scientific Reports volumes. Co-Chief Scientists and Staff Scientists for each leg are designated by (co-chief sci) and (staff sci), respectively. Shore-based invited editorial review board members are designated as (vol ed). Chapters published only online are designated (web).

Page References

Page references include the leg number, volume (Initial Reports [A] or Scientific Results [B]), and chapter number, followed by a colon and page range. For example, 116B23:282–283 is an entry found in the Leg 116 Scientific Results volume, chapter 23, pages 282–283. Where the leg report was printed in two volumes, the designations (1) and (2) distinguish the two parts: 120B(2)50:920. If a supplementary volume was issued, a letter S is appended to the leg number: 169S_A1:10.


The index was assembled at the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program at Texas A&M University. Sincere appreciation is expressed to the U.S. National Science Foundation, which funded preparation and publication of the index.


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