Sample Distribution, Data Distribution, and Publications Policy
(Adopted March 1999; revised 1 June 2001, 15 April 2002, 19 August 2002)1

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This document outlines the policy and the procedures for distributing samples and data from the Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and the Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) to research scientists, curators, and educators. It also describes the associated obligations that sample and data recipients incur.

Notice to ODP and IODP participants: Use this policy if you requested ODP samples or downloaded ODP data before 1 November 2005. Otherwise, see the IODP Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy (IODP-MI web site).


1 This policy replaces the ODP Publications Policy (dated 16 July 1996; amended 12 February 1997) and the ODP Sample Distribution Policy (dated 1 July 1998). In addition to policy revisions, periodically administrative updates are made to this document to keep the policy current (such as updates to Appendix C: Contact Information) and to clarify existing policy guidelines. For a complete list of the specific policy revisions and administrative updates that have been made to this document, see Appendix H.