162 Preliminary Report


Figure 1. Bathymetric map (in meters) of sites cored during Leg 162, which departed Edinburgh, Scotland, on 8 July and returned to Reykjavik, Iceland, on 3 September, 1995. Sites 980-984 form a depth transect and a surface-water transect from warm to cool areas of the North Atlantic. Sites 907, 985, and 987, together with previous ODP sites, form a transect from temperate areas off Norway to the polar waters off Greenland. Site 986 is positioned off the location of the Svalbard/Barents Sea Ice Sheet in the European Arctic, and Site 987 off the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Figure 2. Bathymetry (in meters) of the "Southern Gateway" region of the northeast Atlantic showing major physiographic features. Norwegian Sea Overflow Water (NSOW) originates in the Nordic seas, and in this region spills across the Greenland-Scotland Ridge as Wyville-Thompson Ridge Overflow Water (WTRO) or Iceland Sea Overflow Water (ISOW). RR=Reykjanes Ridge.

Figure 3. Example of millennial- and suborbital-scale variability on top of longer orbital periods of 40 k.y. in the magnetic susceptibility of sediments from Site 983. The susceptibility signal reflects changes in mineral input to the site which varies with the state of climate. This interval is from about 1.9 Ma. Depth is based on a composite scale obtained from correlating results from the Site 983 holes.

Figure 4. Detailed topographic view of the Gardar and Bjorn Drift region showing locations of Sites 983 and 984.

Figure 5. View of the Rockall Trough and Rockall Plateau showing location of Sites 980, 981, and 982. Flow from northeast is over the Wyville-Thompson Ridge. Land in southeast corner is Ireland. Physiographic features: RB = Rockall Bank, FD = Feni Drift, RT = Rockall Trough, FI = Faeroe Islands, HRB = Hattan-Rockall Basin, HB = Hattan Bank.

Figure 6. Bathymetry (in meters) of Nordic seas transect.

Figure 7A. Summary of lithologies and paleomagnetic stratigraphy recovered at North Atlantic sites on Leg 162.

Figure 7B. Summary of lithologies and paleomagnetic stratigraphy of Nordic sea sites.

Figure 8A. Age-depth plots for North Atlantic Drift Sites 980, 981, 983, and 984.

Figure 8B. Age vs. sedimentation rates for North Atlantic Drift Sites 980, 981, 983, and 984.

Figure 9. Summary of lithologies recovered at Gardar Drift Site 983 showing correlative percentages of spectral reflectance, magnetic susceptibility, and natural gamma radiation data.

Figure 10. Percentage of carbonate from discrete samples plotted against the nearest spectral reflectance measurement (in the blue 450-500 nm range).

Figure 11. Pore-water profiles from Leg 162 sites illustrating downhole changes in (A) sulfate, (B) magnesium, and (C) chloride.

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