163 Preliminary Report


The ODP Operations and Engineering personnel aboard JOIDES Resolution for Leg 163 were:

Operations Manager: Ron Grout

Development Engineer: Scott McGrath

Schlumberger Engineer: Raymond Faust


At 0800 GMT on 7 September, we began the short transit to the Site 988. Because of expectations of possible interference by ice at several of the Leg 163 drill sites, the GADUS Atlantica was hired for the entire leg as an ice support vessel to scout for sea ice and to move small "growlers" (floating pieces of glacial ice <1 m above sea level and 20 m2 in size) from the vicinity of the JOIDES Resolution. At 0915 GMT on 8 September, the Gadus Atlantica reported that there were many icebergs, bergy bits (larger pieces of floating glacial ice, 1-5 m above sea level and <300 m2 in size), and growlers in the drilling area.

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