164 Preliminary Report

SITE 992
(Proposed Site CFD-6)

Hole 992A The 4.3-km move in dynamic positioning (DP) mode required 4 hr. The location of Site 992 was changed to a point located at latitude 32° 58.5317'N, longitude 75° 54.9968'W on the seismic line acquired onsite by the ship. After a water core, Hole 992A was spudded at 0210 hr on 6 November. The seafloor was estimated at 2586.9 mbsl. APC Cores 164-992A-1H to 6H were taken from 0 to 50.3 mbsf, with 50.3 m cored and 52.62 m recovered (104.6% average recovery). Hole 992A was terminated, and the bit was pulled above the seafloor at 0640 hr on 6 November.

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