166 Preliminary Report

Operations Report

SITE 1004
(Proposed Site F-3)

Hole 1004A
The ship was moved 0.8 nmi to the GPS coordinates for Site 1004 at 24°33.283'N, 79°14.95'W. A beacon was dropped and coring at Hole 1004A was initiated at 2010 hr on 6 March. The water depth was 418.9 mbsl based on recovery of the mudline core. APC Cores 1004A-1H to 12H were cut from 0 to 102.8 mbsf with recovery ranging from 2.1 to 103% (mean = 87.8%). Cores were oriented for Cores 3H-7H and 9H-11H, and Adara temperature tool heat-flow measurements were taken during coring of Cores 4H through 8H, 10H, and 12H. Recovery was reduced by hard layers jamming in the throat of the bit; therefore, we switched to the XCB coring system. XCB Cores 13X to 23X were cut from 102.8 to 200 mbsf with recovery varying from 0 to 82.8% (mean = 28.1%). Coring was terminated when objectives for Site 1004 were achieved and the bit cleared the seafloor at 1815 hr on 7 March.

Site 1005 Operations Report

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