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Figure 4.
Interstitial water geochemistry of Coastal Transect sites (symbols from north to south: solid square, Site 1019; solid triangle, Site 1022; solid diamond, Site 1018; solid circle, Site 1017; open square, Site 1014; open triangle, Site 1013; open diamond, Site 1012; open circle, Site 1011). Alkalinity shows interplay of organic carbon diagenesis and interactions with the sediments. Calcium and magnesium show nonconservative profiles in the upper portion from authigenic mineral formation and ion exchange reactions. Deeper profiles are often conservative (linear correlation between Ca increase and Mg decrease), suggesting primary control by the diffusive influence of reactions in the underlying basalt. Silicate values are shown vs. depth and vs. temperature. The much narrower spread of values vs. temperature suggests biogenic opal solubility with temperature as primary control on concentration of dissolved silicate.

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