168 Preliminary Report

Laboratory Statistics: Leg 168

General Statistics:
Cored Interval (m)1867.8
Core Recovered (m)1519.6
Percent Recovered81.4
Total Penetration (m)2810.3
Time on Site (days)47.85
Number of Cores209
Number of Samples10507
Whole Rounds281
Boxes of Core237
Samples Analyzed:
Inorganic Carbon (CaCO3) 995
Total Carbon (NCHS) 250
Water Chemistry (suite of pH, Alkalinity Sulfate, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorinity Potassium, Silica, Salinity) 255
Pyrolysis Evaluation (Rock Eval and GHM)17
Gas Samples 177
Extractions 0
Thin Sections 63
XRF: majors 29
XRD 692
MST Runs1200
Cryogenic magnetometer:
   Pass-through runs 1913
   Basalt (210 ) * 5 levels of demagnetization 1050
   Cubes 35
   Oriented Cores 0
Physical Properties Velocity 650
Thermal Conductivity 359
Index Properties 650
Resistivity 1796
Shear Strength 470
Under Way Geophysics:
Magnetic (nmi)670
Bathymetry (nmi)900
Seismic Survey (nmi)0
Total Miles (nmi)1128
XBTs launched3
Downhole Tools:
Close-up Photographs76
Whole-core Photographs234
Rolls of Microphotographs10
Color Transparencies740
Black and White Prints30

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