Port Call (Victoria)

The JOIDES Resolution docked in Victoria, Canada on the 15th of August, ending Leg 168. The following morning the Leg 169 crew arrived and began crossovers and other logistic activities. In addition to our normal logistic activities, daily public relation tours were conducted for Canadian VIP's and the general public. Other port call activities included:

Upon completion of the Saanich coring, the ship returned to Victoria to discharge the Leg 169S scientists, cores, and samples. That afternoon the Leg 169 science party joined the ship and the following morning we departed to start Leg 169 science operations.

Laboratory Activities

Except for the rare unaltered sediment sections, core recovery was generally low. The recovered massive sulfides were curated under the hard rock guidelines and sealed in foil bags that were first purged with nitrogen then evacuated to prevent the sulfides from oxidizing. These special handling requirements kept the staff busy in spite of the low recovery.

Technical support in the XRF, Thin Section, Downhole Measurement, and Chemistry labs played key roles in supporting the leg's scientific objectives. Work in the Downhole laboratory was especially challenging this trip because of the variety of tools deployed and the extremely hot hole conditions. Also, the technical staff assisted with the recovery and deployment of data loggers with thermistor strings in two of the CORKed holes.

Transit Activities

Technicians routinely collected navigational data on all transits. Bathymetric, and magnetic data was only collected on the Victoria-Middle Valley and Middle Valley-Escanaba Trough transits. The were no seismic surveys conducted in support of Leg 169. All sites were located by GPS coordinates and camera surveys. During the transit from Middle Valley to the Escanaba Trough, the new streamer was successfully tested. Also, a second successful test was conducted on the transit to Los Angeles.

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