Leg 172 Technical Report


The Joides Resolution docked in Charleston, S.C., on 14 February 1997, ending Leg 171. On the same morning the Leg 172 crew arrived and began crossover activities. On 18 February, we cast off lines and were underway to our first site with a crew of 122 (49 in the science party). In the first week of the cruise, we returned to Charleston so that Bill Stevens could return home for humanitarian reasons. A week later Monty Lawyer and a SEDCO welder were sent to the ship via a shrimp boat out of Charleston. Drilling operations were completed late in the evening on 5 April. After a nine-day transit, the Joides Resolution arrived in Lisbon at 0800 on 16 April ending Leg 172 operations.

Portcall Activities Overview
Logistic activities began as soon as the Joides Resolution cleared U.S. Customs. In addition to our normal logistic activities, daily public relation tours were conducted for VIPs and the general public. Other portcall activities included:

Fison XRF service call
Microscope service
IMARSAT-B service call and training
JANUS steering committee meeting
JANUS database and application training
Radiation safety inspection and training by TAMU Radiation Safety Office
Fiber optic network cable terminations installed

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