Leg 173 Scientific Report


Figure 1. Bathymetric chart of the west Iberia margin (contours at 200, 500, 1000, 1500 m etc.). Sites drilled during Leg 173 and Leg 149 are shown by solid triangles and open circles, respectively. Previous DSDP/ODP sites are shown by solid circles. Submersible dives that sampled rock and dredge sites are shown by solid squares and crosses, respectively. VdG = Vasco da Gama seamount; VS = Vigo seamount; PS = Porto seamount; ES = Estremadura Spur. Inset shows locations of Leg 149 and Leg 173 drillsites with respect to relevant seismic profiles.

Figure 2. Composite east-west cross-section through the Leg 149 and Leg 173 drill sites. Sites in parentheses are offset a short distance from the profile. The profile is made from three separate segments of seismic reflection profile.

Figure 3. Summary lithologic column for Hole 1065A.

Figure 4. Summary lithologic column for Hole 1067A.

Figure 5. Zr vs. Y variation diagrams for the Site 1067 amphibolites and tonalite gneiss. The Site 1067 samples are shown in relation to the Site 899 metamicrogabbros, Site 900 metagabbros, and Site 1068 clasts of metagabbro, amphibolite, and meta-anorthosite. The fields of oceanic gabbro compositions from the Southwest Indian Ridge (Leg 118) and Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Leg 153) are displayed. Also shown are the approximate paths for apatite and zircon accumulation.

Figure 6. Summary lithologic column for Hole 1068A.

Figure 7. CaO (wt%) vs. Al2O3 (wt%) variation diagrams for the Holes 1068A and 1070A serpentinized peridotites. Also shown are the serpentinized peridotites from Holes 897C, 897D, and 1068A from the Iberia Abyssal Plain and Leg 153 serpentinized harzburgites from the Kane Transform region, Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Mineral compositional fields based on Leg 149 results are displayed.

Figure 8. Summary lithologic column for Hole 1069A.

Figure 9. Summary lithologic column for Hole 1070A.

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