Leg 174B Technical Report


Special Projects
Journalist Alan Hall sent reports to shore that were ultimately destined for the Scientific American web page at www.sciam.com. A rough draft was placed on the ship's local web site to give us the flavor of the web page.

Paleomagnetist Mike Fuller carried out a series of experiments to study magnetic signatures potentially caused by the core barrels and/or moving the barrel through the drill pipe. A hybrid steel and stainless steel core barrel was employed for the test; a few coresat Hole 174A were taken with it.

JANUS database project members worked to complete some key tasks for the first development phase of the new computer database system and to set the stage for phase two. Phase two will primarily focus on incorporating digital photographic images of cores into the visual core description applications.

The library was thoroughly inventoried; some duplicates were removed to be returned to ODP. The Filemaker Pro book list was updated along with the printed catalog. The reprint files were spread into five file drawers to reduce crowding.

Heavy rain on the departure from New York generated a flood in the casing hold that was controlled by barrels, rags, and mops. The hatch gasket failed or was damaged moving the freight or cores. The hatch was eventually covered with a tarp until the rain abated and the seal could be reseated.

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