We made 31 reentries during the leg, averaging 0.3 hr for each. The first reentry took approximately 1 hr because of the requirement to search for the HRB. After that, nearly every other reentry took a mere 15 min from the time the drill string was spaced out until the bit entered the HRB funnel.

No problems were experienced with the coaxial cable or winch. The sonar system was used effectively to aid in initially identifying the HRB. After that, all reentries were made using the subsea television camera. One camera was replaced and returned to shore for repair. We suspect that part of the problem was caused by inadequate shock protection from the Vibration-Isolated Television (VIT) sleeve. The bungy cords on the VIT are quite worn out and were scheduled for replacement at the beginning of the leg. Unfortunately, the replacement cords were too long to work. At the request of shore, these bungy cords were returned and we used the old worn-out cords. The correct bungy cords are supposed to be delivered prior to Leg 177. It should be noted that a through-the-pipe television camera would have been incredibly valuable on this leg as an aid in identifying the orientation and condition of the failed drill pipe fish. This should be investigated as a possible purchase, as the technology is available in the oil industry.

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