Special Projects
The new core rack was welded into place during the transit to the first site. The rig mechanics reamed out the position keeping bolt holes and the bolts were lubricated. A custom tool was made to ease the removal of these bolts when the rack arms are to be rotated down. The safety gates around the hatch access location were modified to accommodate the new rack.

A new set of canvas panels with "window" sections was installed on the catwalk to protect the technical staff from wind and weather. The added light and view provided by the flexible clear panels reduced the dark tunnel effect noted on previous installations. Hot water was tapped from the Downhole Measurement laboratory to the core-catcher sink to make that cleaning job more tolerable. The electric heaters installed took the edge off the routine in mid-30s° days.

The new motor generator received in Cape Town was welded in place, the wiring was run, and the panels located. The transfer to this regulated power will be done during the Punta Arenas port call. The Cyberex will be removed.

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