SITE 1101

Site 1101 (located between scientific prospectus sites APRIS-5A and 6A) was selected as an additional site, where several leg objectives could be accomplished while waiting for the heave to subside on the continental shelf. Hence, the order of events included leaving Hole 1100D at 2030 hr on 17 March, arriving at Site 1101 at 1030 hr on 18 March, conducting coring operations, and then returning to Hole 1100D (see "Shelf Transect" section below). The 122-nmi transit to Site 1101 was accomplished at an average speed of 8.8 kt, slower than normal because the ship traveled through a 5-m swell combined with a 2.3-m sea.

Hole 1101A
Hole 1101A was spudded at 1805 hr on 18 March with a standard APC/XCB BHA and C-3 bit. Water depth was estimated from recovery of the mudline in Core 1H as 3291.2 m. APC coring advanced to 142.7 mbsf (Core 16H); XCB coring continued to 217.7 mbsf (Core 24X), with 99.1% core recovery for the hole. Adara temperature tool estimates were made with Cores 1H, 2H, 4H, 7H, and 10H, with the first two deployments also measuring near-bottom-water temperature. The ship then returned to Hole 1100D for what appeared to be favorable weather over the continental shelf sites. The beacon was recovered and the drilling equipment secured for transit back to Site 1100 by 0145 hr on 20 March.

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