Figure 14. Schematic diagram of water hammer drill-in casing system deployment. A. Initial deployment. B. Spud hole and drill ahead. C. Disengage hydraulic hammer and circulate fluid. D. Install free-fall reentry funnel. E. Retract bit and release casing running tool. F. Recover hammer drill and leave a cased reentry hole on the seafloor.

Figure 15. Schematic drawings of concentric and eccentric hammer drill underreamer bits.

Figure 16. Schematic drawing of the SDS water hammer drill (courtesy of SDS Digger Tools, Pty., Ltd.)

Figure 17. Schematic drawing of the HDS running tool.

Figure 18. Schematic drawing of the HDS go-devil.

Figure 19. Schematic drawing of the HDS hanger bearing assembly.

Figure 20. Schematic drawing of the HDS reentry cone assembly.

Figure 21. SDS concentric underreamer bit 1.

Figure 22. SDS concentric underreamer bit 2.

Figure 23. SDS concentric underreamer bit modification 3.

Figure 24. Holte concentric underreamer bit.

Figure 25. Holte eccentric underreamer bit.

Figure 26. SDS drilling bit.

Figure 27. Schematic illustration of cased borehole configuration at Hole 1107A.


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