With no other hammer drill bits on board other than SDS concentric underreaming bits, the decision was made to suspend further HDS testing pending the arrival of a supply vessel, the La Curieuse, from Reunion Island. The lost surface shipment had been located and critical items were diverted to Reunion Island for delivery to the drillship via the La Curieuse. Also, a flat-faced standard hammer drill bit was sent to Reunion Island by SDS for delivery to the drillship via the La Curieuse. While waiting for the arrival of the La Curieuse, the drillship was moved ~1 km northeast of Site 1104 where Site 1105 was established. Hole 1105A was drilled to a depth of 15 mbsf using a 14-3/4-in tricone drill bit. The hole was then cored to a depth of 158 mbsf with 82.8% recovery, using the rotary core barrel. After logging Hole 1105A, the drillship was moved back to Site 1104 in anticipation of the arrival of the La Curieuse and the resumption of hammer drill testing. A new beacon was dropped at Site 1104 at 1938 hr 10 May, establishing Site 1106.

The La Curieuse arrived on location at 2045 hr 10 May, and requested that the offloading of cargo and personnel wait until daylight. Rough seas and high winds prevented the offloading from taking place the following day, 12 May. The La Curieuse remained on location until 13 May. The sea state and winds had deteriorated further and the forecast for the following 48 hr showed no signs of improvement. There were three hammer drill bits on board the La Curieuse that were critical to completion of the hammer drill tests, one Holte CUB, one Holte EUB, and one SDS flat-face drill bit.

The hammer drill bits were successfully transferred from the La Curieuse to the drillship by tying buoys onto the drill bits and dropping them over the side. The drillship was then maneuvered to catch the buoys and the ships crane was used to hoist the drill bits on board. Because it was too rough to attempt offloading any other cargo or personnel, the La Curieuse was released to return to Reunion Island at 1000 hr 13 May.

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