The 1930-nmi transit from Site 1106 to Site 1107 was accomplished in 7.8 days at an average speed of 10.2 kt. During the transit, preparations were made for deploying a reentry cone and casing. The reentry cone was assembled and moved onto the moonpool doors. The 16-in casing string was strapped, and a casing shoe was installed on the end of the 16-in shoe joint. The 16-in casing string was laid out on top of the riser hatch for immediate deployment upon arrival. The 10-3/4-in casing string was strapped and rabbited in the riser hold, where it remained until time for deployment. The 16-in and 10-3/4-in casing hangers and running tools were moved to the rig floor and fit tested. The 10-3/4-in cementing equipment, including the cementing head, kelly cock valve, and subsea release (SSR) plug, were also moved to the rig floor. The vessel arrived in the immediate area of the proposed site at 2012 hr 22 May, to be greeted by the Sonne. A positioning beacon was deployed at 2024 hr 22 May, on the Global Positional System coordinates for the proposed site, officially establishing Site 1107.


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