The positioning beacon was recovered aboard at 1945 hr. With the drill bit positioned three stands above the seafloor we moved the ship ~1 km north to Site 1111 (proposed site ACE-11A). A positioning beacon was deployed at 2030 hr on 5 July 1998 at the Site 1111 GPS coordinates.


SITE 1111

Hole 1111A

The drill string was tripped the remaining distance to the seafloor and at 2230 hr on 5 July 1998 we spudded Hole 1111A. The seafloor was determined to be at 3200.8 mbsl. The RCB coring continued through Core 18R to 173.7 mbsf. Drilling rates in the upper part of the hole were 5–10 min per core, and recovery, with the exception of two isolated cores at 43%, was very low (1%–7%). A single temperature measurement was taken at 94 mbsf inside the drill pipe using the DVTP. Two additional measurements were taken using the DVTP with the probe pushed into the formation at 117.2 and 136.5 mbsf. A slow ROP (6.0 m/hr) and concerns over the potential for future instability of the hole led us to abandon the hole at 173.7 mbsf. The hole was displaced with 30 bbl of weighted mud, and the drill string was pulled clear of the mudline at 0335 hr on 7 July 1998. The beacon was released and the pipe trip continued to a depth of 2941 mbsl, where it was secured for the transit to the next site. The beacon was recovered at 0430 hr, ending Hole 1111A. Recovery for the hole was 15.19 m (8.7%).


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