Figure 1. A. The bathymetry of the eastern New Zealand region, with the positions of major fronts at the ocean surface (summer temperatures) and the Antarctic Circumpolar (ACC) and Pacific Deep Western Boundary (DWBC) currents indicated. B. Meridional salinity cross section through the Pacific Ocean (data after Levitus, 1976), with location of the Leg 181 sites projected onto the plane of section.

Figure 2. Bathymetric map of the eastern New Zealand region, southwest Pacific Ocean, showing the location of previous DSDP sites, and the location of all sites drilled during Leg 181.

Figure 3. Plate tectonic reconstructions of the southern hemisphere continents in polar projection for 50, 30 and 20 Ma (after Lawver et al., 1992), with position of inferred currents indicated with arrows.

Figure 4. Geologic cross sections A. through the eastern South Island and adjacent shelf, and B. from the shelf-edge across the Campbell Plateau to the southwest Pacific abyssal plain.

Figure 5. West to east cross section through the major water masses of the southwest Pacific Ocean at ~45°S, with position of ODP Leg 181 sites projected on to the plane of section.

Figure 6. The Eastern New Zealand Oceanic Sedimentary System (ENZOSS), showing the location of the main areas of current scour, sediment supply, and drift deposition related to the ACC-DWBC (after Carter et al., 1997).

Figure 7. Summary log for Site 1119.

Figure 8. Summary log for Site 1120.

Figure 9. Summary log for Site 1121.

Figure 10. Summary log for Site 1122.

Figure 11. Summary log for Site 1123.

Figure 12. Summary log for Site 1124.

Figure 13. Summary log for Site 1125.

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