Transit to Site 1133

The 26-nmi sea voyage to Site 1133 required 3.0 hr at 8.7 kt. A beacon was dropped at 2200 hr on 26 November, initiating Site 1133.

Hole 1133A

The ship was stabilized on position and Hole 1133A was spudded at 0215 hr on 27 November. The bit was positioned at 1049 mbrf, and Core 1H recovered 9.78 m. However, the excessive recovery was not appropriate for the establishment of a good mudline, and the hole was terminated.

Hole 1133B

The ship was not moved, the bit was repositioned at 1042 mbrf, and Hole 1133B was spudded at 0245 hr on 27 November. Core 1H recovered 2.40 m, indicating a water depth of 1037.2 mbsl. APC coring advanced to 50.9 mbsf, with Cores 3H–7H oriented and an Adara tool heat-flow measurement on Core 4H. The nonmagnetic core barrel assembly was run on Cores 3H, 5H, and 7H. XCB coring deepened the hole from 50.9 to 152.1 mbsf. Recovery was very poor after Core 8X in mixed chert and unlithified bioclastic wackestones and packstones. While attempting to start the next core, the circulating pressure jumped to 2000 psi and the torque became erratic, indicating that the hole had caved in and was packing off the bit. The pipe was worked free, but the hole was judged unstable and operations were terminated. The bit cleared the seafloor at 2200 hr on 27 November.

Hole 1133C

The ship was moved 20 m south, and Hole 1133C was spudded at 2200 hr on 27 November. Core 1H was taken with the bit at 1045 mbrf and recovery was 5.74 m, indicating a water depth of 1036.8 mbsl. APC coring advanced to 53.3 mbsf with 69.9% recovery. The APC/XCB and RCB BHAs were inspected in 6 hr on the trip out, and no defects were noted. Both beacons were recovered, and the ship was secured for transit at 1330 hr on 28 November, ending Site 1133. A helicopter was dispatched to remove an ODP crew member because of a death in the family. The helicopter arrived at 1354 hr on 28 November and departed 2 min later, and the vessel was under way.

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