Figure 11. Initial 87Sr/86Sr vs. (La/Nb)pm (subscript pm indicates normalized to primitive mantle ratios of Sun and McDonough, 1989), showing the p ositive correlation that arises from an increasing proportion of a continental crust com ponent in the Bunbury Basalt of southwest Australia (Frey et al., 1996). By analogy, we infer that a s ignificant amount of a continental crust component is in the Kerguelen Plateau basalts from ODP Site 73 8 and dredged basalts from the eastern Broken Ridge. In contrast, most oceanic island basalts and all basalts from the Kerguelen Archipelago and Heard Island have (La/Nb)pm < 1.2; thes e lavas are interpreted to be representative of the Kerguelen Plume (e.g., Weis et al., 1993 , 1998). Data sources are as for Fig. 7.

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Figure 11