Figure 3. Tectonic setting of the South China Sea. A. Major tectonic elements of the northern and central parts of the South China Sea. Thick dotted line outlines the Central Basin with selected magnetic anomaly lineaments. Thin dotted and solid lines are isobaths of 200 and 2000 m (Hayes et al., 1995a). Thick dashed box corresponds to Figure 3. B. Geological framework of the northern margin of the South China Sea (Ru et al., 1994). YGHB = Yinggehai Basin, QDNB = Qiongdongnan Basin, BBWB = Baibiwan Basin, PRMB = Pearl River Mouth Basin, SWTB = Southwest Taiwan Basin. Leg 184 sites are located south of Dongsha Island on the continental margin between the Pearl River Mouth Basin and the South China Sea Basin.

Figure 4

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