Site Survey

Several of the proposed sites on the continental slope of China were selected on the basis of a single seismic line. Final approval of these sites by the PPSP was contingent upon the JOIDES Resolution acquiring crossing seismic lines. A single-channel survey was designed to cover all such proposed sites that we were likely to drill: SCS-4, SCS-5C, and SCS-5E. At 1100 hr on 12 March, the vessel slowed to deploy the seismic equipment. Two seismic cross tracks a few nmi in length were acquired at each of the three proposed sites. The survey was finished by 1200 hr on 13 March, with a total distance surveyed of 133 nmi and an average speed of 5.5 kt. After the seismic equipment was retrieved, the vessel continued at full speed to proposed Site SCS-1.

Operations-Site 1144

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