Table 4. Analysis of communal glass samples.

MeasurementInvestigatorNumber of analysesAliquot
FTIR waterArmstrong, Robin5-105 mm chips
Microprobe for major elementsFisk, Martin30-40 + 20 thin sections5 mm chips and TS
Microprobe and optical microscopy for biological alterationFisk, Martin20 thin sectionsthin sections
Ion probe for C, S, and trace element distribution and Pb isotopesLudden, John 10-201 to 5 mm bio + chips
LA-ICPMS for trace elementsPlank, Terry20-30>1 mm chips
Ion probe for S, Se, metalsRouxel, Olivieruse same 10-20 chips Ludden1-5 mm bio + chips
Mass spectrometry Sr, Nd, PbSchmidt, Angelika10.5 g
Cl isotopes and halogensSpivack, Arthur 2-3250 mg
Microscopy of biological alterationStaudigel, Hubertsame as/share with Fiskthin sections
Magnetic intensitySteiner, Maureen10-1250 mg
Li, B isotopesValentine, Robbie21 g
N isotopesBebout - -

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