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Leg 187 began at 1815 hr on 16 November 1999 when the first line was passed ashore to Berth "H" of Victoria Quay at Fremantle, Australia, at the conclusion of Leg 186ST. During the port call, several pieces of scientific apparatus were serviced (microscopes, X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer, and cryogenic magnetometer), and the new inductively coupled plasma spectrophotometer was installed in the chemistry laboratory. The Ryan Energy Technology, Inc., Fusion rig instrumentation software installation, which was started in Singapore during the dry dock, was also completed. The drill crew finished the assembly and static testing of the passive and active components of the heave compensator by the morning of 21 November. The project was complicated by the discovery that a defective directional servo valve in the active compensator required replacement. A local Bosch supplier expedited a replacement part from Adelaide during the evening of 20 November. Our departure was also delayed because the Fremantle tugboat operators conducted a 48-hr work stoppage starting the morning of 19 November and lasting until 0900 hr on 21 November.

At 1210 hr on 21 November, the last line was released from the pier and the JOIDES Resolution was maneuvered into the channel. After the pilot departed the vessel at 1300 hr, the JOIDES Resolution began steaming at full speed on a southerly course.

*The Operations and Engineering personnel aboard the JOIDES Resolution during Leg 187 were ODP Operations Manager Ron Grout, ODP Downhole Tools Specialist Mike Friedrichs, and Schlumberger Engineer Kerry Swain.

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