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SITE 1164

Transit to Site 1164
We made the 51-nmi northeast transit between Sites 1163 and 1164 at average speed of 11.3 kt. At 1130 hr on 3 January, we slowed to 6 kt and ran a southwest-to-northeast SCS survey over the prospectus site to confirm sediment thickness and dropped a positioning beacon on the prospectus site GPS coordinates.

Hole 1164A
The corrected PDR depth referenced to the DES at this site is 4809.4 m. The nine-collar BHA employed at the previous sites was reassembled with a new C-4 four-cone rotary bit made up to a refurbished mechanical bit release. We initiated Hole 1164A at 2145 hr on 3 January. After washing through 138.5 m of sediment and recovering a wash barrel (Core 187 1164A-1W), we cored to 146.7 mbsf before drilling conditions forced us to abandon the hole. We recovered four cores (Cores 187-1164A-2R to 4R), although the last core was probably material recovered during our attempt to ream the hole and clear several meters of fill. A fluorescent microsphere tracer bag was deployed in the core catcher of Core 187 1164A-2R. The bit cleared the seafloor at 1115 hr, and we offset 200 m back along our survey track to the southwest.

Hole 1164B
Hole 1164B was spudded with the RCB at 1230 hr on 4 January. We washed down to 150.4 mbsf at 50 m/hr and retrieved the core barrel (Core 187-1164B-1W) when the driller noted a hard contact. We advanced the hole by rotary coring to 216.1 mbsf, recovering nine cores (Cores 187 1164B-2R to 10R). Microsphere tracers were deployed on Cores 187 1164B-2R and 10R. Hole conditions and recovery were not ideal, but we continued operations until we reached our nominal depth objective. The drill string cleared the seafloor at 0045 hr and the rotary table at 0845 on 6 January, ending operations for Leg 187.

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