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Leg 188 began on 10 January 2000 at 1027 hr with passage of the first line ashore to Berth "E" of Victoria Quay, Fremantle, Australia. After a six-day port call the last line was released at 0606 hr on 16 January from the pier, and the JOIDES Resolution transited to a location off Rottnest Island for shallow-water positioning testing. Approximately 8 hr was spent testing two custom-built Nautronix positioning beacons in ~30 m of water. By 1800 hr on 16 January 2000, the JOIDES Resolution was under way at full speed to the first site of Leg 188.

Fremantle to Site 1165
The 2676-nmi sea voyage to proposed site PBD-12B was accomplished at an average speed of 9.6 kt in 12 days. Several severe (force 10/12) gales were encountered en route. The storms led to several course changes and speed reductions that were due to sea state. At times the vessel was rolling 10°-15° and pitching 6°-8°. Seas of 12 m and swells as high as 3 m were not uncommon. Conditions began to improve considerably near 60°S latitude.

At 0930 hr on 28 January 2000, the vessel slowed down to 6 kt while the seismic equipment was deployed. The objective was to conduct a single-channel seismic survey to confirm the precruise survey line. The seismic survey was concluded by 1400 hr on 28 January, and the seismic equipment was retrieved.

*The Operations and Engineering personnel aboard the JOIDES Resolution during Leg 188 were ODP Operations Manager Michael Storms, ODP Operations Engineer Derryl Schroeder, Schlumberger Engineer Steven Kittredge, and Anadrill Engineer Peter Sammann.

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