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Figure F1. A. Map showing general locations of drill sites occupied during Legs 138 (rectangle B) and 112 (rectangle C). B. Detail map of equatorial Pacific primary sites with nomenclature. Previous ODP designations are in parentheses. C. Detail map of Peru margin primary sites and nomenclature. Previous DSDP/ODP site designations are in parentheses.

Figure F2. Lithostratigraphic summary of (A) open-ocean sites and (B) ocean-margin sites.

Figure F3. Temperature profiles.

Figure F4. Cell enumeration data.

Figure F5. Cell enumeration data for Leg 201 sites compared to previously censused sites. 1

Figure F6. Histogram of maximum dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) concentration.

Figure F7. Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) profiles.

Figure F8. A. Dissolved sulfate profiles. B. Dissolved manganese profiles.

Figure F9. Methane concentration profiles.

Figure F10. Methane, ethane, and propane concentrations of Peru shelf Site 1227.

Figure F11. Dissolved nitrate concentration at open-ocean Sites 1225 and 1231.

Figure F12. Acridine orange direct count (AODC) of microbial cells and concentrations of sulfate, methane, acetate, and formate at Peru shelf Site 1229.

Figure F13. Dissolved iron profile and sediment magnetic susceptibility of equatorial Pacific Site 1225.

Figure F14. Dissolved manganese profile and natural gamma radiation of equatorial Pacific Site 1226.

Figure F15. Dissolved iron profile and magnetic susceptibility of Peru shelf Site 1229.

Figure F16. Dissolved manganese, iron, and methane profiles of Peru shelf Site 1229.

Figure F17. Grain density and methane and sulfate concentration profiles at Peru shelf Site 1227.

Figure F18. Dissolved sulfate profiles of Peru shelf Sites 1227, 1228, and 1229.

Figure F19. Dissolved barium and sulfate profiles of Peru slope hydrate Site 1230.

Figure F20. Comparison of perfluorocarbon tracer (PFT) and bead contamination tests in sediments cored by advanced piston coring (APC) or extended core barrel (XCB). The perfluorocarbon (PFC) tracer was recalculated to microliters of seawater potentially introduced into a gram of sediment in proportion to the tracer concentration. The lines indicate limits below which contamination was undetectable.

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