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Draft of Leg 207 Preliminary Report

Dear Leg 207 Participant:

JOI has directed TAMU/ODP to prepare ODP Preliminary Reports as citable documents with the authorship of "Shipboard Scientific Party."

The edited Leg 207 Preliminary Report is available in PDF format* (25 Mb) for your review. If you have problems downloading this file because of its size, the report has also been split into smaller portions:

The text portion of the report is a "compare" document that shows where changes have been made to the shipboard version. The figures and tables incorporate the suggestions of the editor.

Please forward any corrections to this report to Staff Scientist Mitch Malone by 9 April 2003. Corrections will not be accepted after the deadline.

If you have any problems downloading or reading the report, feel free to contact me at kozelsky@odpemail.tamu.edu or (979) 845-0221.

Kathryn Kozelsky
Graphic Designer

*Adobe Acrobat Reader is available for free from the Adobe web site.

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